our eco-mmitment


    We've made an 'eco-mmitment' to our planet. And by that we mean that we are striving continuously to minimise the impact of our goods and services on the environment wherever possible. So we've devised a multi-pronged approach to achieve our goals, promising to:

    • Downgauge the micron of flexible films used in as many applications as possible to reduce overall plastic consumption.

    • Promote the widespread uptake of recycling behaviours amongst our customers and end-users.

    • Offer a baling machine service to create waste-free wrapping operations and channel this waste back into the correct recycling streams.

    • Only ever supply materials that are 100% recyclable.

    • Continue to push our manufacturing partners to develop more and more materials with increasing levels of recycled content through R&D.


    Innovative polymers

    Leading the way in sustainable materials

    We think flexible plastics are pretty great, boasting a whole range of planet-friendly, CO2 emission reducing attributes, including being lightweight, easily and widely recycled, void avoiding and food-preserving. And yet we're determined to make it better still. Alongside our manufacturing partners, we're stretching the limits on plastic's green credentials. By sourcing renewable sugarcane-based polymers as well as circular post-consumer and post-industrial recyclates, YPS can now offer many viable alternatives to 100% virgin plastic materials, thereby reducing our overall dependence on petrochemical resources. We believe that conformance to a closed-loop model of packaging using recyclable and recycled plastic containing films is the most sustainable way to protect our planet as well as the best way to guarantee the availability of soft plastics - a brilliant and unmatched packaging material - long into the future. Furthermore, our collection of ultra-thin films allows us to swap any polyolefin film for a lower micron specification that provides the same performance from less plastic material and our extreme stretch capacity pallet wrap product from CROCCO achieves more coverage for every pallet with lower material consumption. Below you can browse our extensive catalogue of eco-friendly materials - many of them also Plastic Packaging Tax exempt.

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    Oxbtec Barrier
    BZ Cross Linked High Impact
    Polythene Transit
    BTT Ultra-Thin Technology
    BE Multi-Packing
    BY High Performance
    BRX Cross Linked Low Shrink Force
    B-NAT Bio-based PE
    Standard Poly Bags
    Printed Poly Bags
    Low Stretch Force
    Hand Stretch
    efficient equipment

    machinery with sustainable benefits

    It's not just our materials that can contribute to a sustainable wrapping operation. Several of our horizontal bagging machines run papers for those seeking to make a switch away from plastic packaging. Plus, many models in our range are specially designed to create very tight packs that conform exactly to a product's dimensions, in order to minimise the consumption of material used, whether paper or plastic. Our continuous motion machines also significantly reduce gapping between products compared to intermittent machines, which can minimise film waste in production by as much as 35%. Below we have highlighted some of our most eco-friendly wrapping machines.

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    Hugo Beck Servo X Side Sealer
    Paper X Hybrid
    Flexo 700 E-Com Fit
    Servo X E-COM Fit

    Sustainable services

    Baling machine scheme

    We can supply, install and maintain a complimentary waste baling machine at your site to collect any waste flexible plastic accrued during production. We will regularly collect the baled waste and recycle it back into the appropriate channel to be re-granulated back into new films.

    Recyclable materials

    In line with our plastic pledge, YPS will only ever supply shrink films, stretch films or e-commerce materials that are 100% recyclable. That's a promise.

    Sustainable site survey

    Concerned that your operation may be generating waste? Perhaps you're not achieving the best stretch capacity from your pallet wrap or having to run a lot of re-wraps? Our experts will attend to tweak your machine's settings or recommend a more appropriate material to help you reduce the volumes of plastic used or minimise waste.

    Downgauging Mission

    Our team will always endeavour to supply you with the thinnest grade of wrap possible that's suitable for your application. Reducing the micron of film used reduces the overall volume of plastic used per pack and in turn your businesses consumption.

    planet-friendly packaging choices

    Baling machinery

    100% recyclable materials

    downgauged films

    site surveys



    Take advantage of our handy baling machines and let's work together to repurpose any waste plastic generated in your production line. Pack cut-off plastic? Re-wraps required? Excess trim plastic left on the sealing jaw? Any unwanted flexible plastics like these can be saved from landfill and channelled into recycling plants with our back to basics approach. Simply install a baler alongside your wrapping equipment and ensure your operators discard any flexible film waste into it including shrink film and stretch film (don't mix in rigid plastics though!). The baler will gradually compact your scrap plastic into cubic tonnes ready to be picked up by our team. From there we'll ensure your baled plastic enters the correct recycling streams and gets a whole new chance at life! Choose from our large, medium or small balers depending on your warehouse space and production volume and we'll supply and maintain it free of charge. Basic right? So remember; just collect it, clean it and compact it!

    operational goals

    playing our part

    At YPS, we are dedicated to not only minimising the environmental impact of our products, but to rising to the challenge of cleaner, greener business activities. Our team are working towards our goal of a sustainable future in a number of practical ways:

    • Operating a paper-free business in which we have forgone posted statements and invoices, as well as transitioning our engineer's servicing reports over to digital formats. Any paper we do have to use is shredded and recycled locally.

    • Our new HQ boasts energy-efficient smart lighting, high-quality insulation and ventilation and our sales team drive a fleet of electric or hybrid vehicles.

    • We have formed purposeful partnerships with our manufacturing sites, encouraging R&D into innovative polymers as well as eco-friendly schemes. For instance Bollore operate an 'EcoTree' scheme, planting trees on our behalf in French forests.

    • Partnering with OPRL in order to display clear recycling guidance on our products.

    • We bale and recycle all waste film generated in our showroom packaging demonstrations.

    We've got our sights set on further improvements such as the installation of solar panels at our offices and warehouses, so watch this space.

    topics for discussion

    green whitepapers

    Here's some helpful resources covering various sustainability themes within the world of plastic packaging.