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    YPS are the UK leader in flexible packaging materials. Whatever your product and operation, we have a shrink film, lidding film, stretch film, polybag or paper to suit you.

    All of our materials are hand-chosen from only the most prestigious film manufacturers, polymer producers and resin specialists, so you can be assured of their exceptional quality and credentials. Like YPS, all of our partners are fully BRC approved. guaranteeing the complete traceability of each and every reel or bag from the point of manufacture, through transit, storage and to your goods in department.

    Our large, centrally-located distribution centre enables us to hold extensive stocks of our flexibles ready for next-day deliveries across the UK and we also operate a secure and convenient call-off order facility to support your long-term production with on-demand supplies. In line with our sustainability pledge, we are constantly seeking to offer the most environmentally-friendly materials on the market, investing in a growing range of fully recyclable, recycled content solutions. As OPRL members, our films are authorised to display clear and consistent recycling on-pack guidance.

    Choose YPS for all your flexible packaging solutions and stay ahead of the pack.

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    shrink & lidding films

    Discover our collections of shrinkable and stablised films for display, transit and food wrapping applications. Our highly technical polyolefin range boasts dedicated food-contact approved films, lidding films, cross-linked films, printed films and pizza capping films sourced from the globally renowned leaders in polyolefin Bollore, for whom YPS are the UK exclusive distributors. Ultra-thin, bio-based and recycled content films are also stand-out products in our polyolefin shrink wrap selection. Meanwhile, our array of high-quality polythene films are curated from a premium UK-based manufacturer and are the perfect fit for more heavy-duty or transit packing requirements.

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    shrink films overview


    Shrink wrap film is designed to package a range of goods for either display or transit purposes. It can be used for a multitude of purposes, including bundling loose products together in multipacks, creating a tamper-evident seal, extending the shelflife of foodstuffs or simply improving the aesthetic appeal of a product. With the application of heat from a shrink-wrapping machine, shrink film constricts around a product to offer a plastic outer layer that is moulded to the shape of the items within.


    Our shrink films are available in both centre-folded and single wound specifications, in widths from 130mm to 2250mm and thicknesses from 9mu to 150mu. Additionally, an endless range of properties are possible including anti-fog, barrier, cross-linked, breathable, MAP, high slip, low slip and second skin effects. For a custom package that stands out from the crowd, design a printed shrink film using logos and images.


    Our shrink films are designed to be run on industrial shrink wrapping equipment. We recommend polyolefin films for best results with L-sealers and side sealers, and our thicker polythene films for use with sleeve sealing lines, wide wrappers and dairy systems.


    Shrink film is a lightweight, thin material that creates void-free packs, thereby contributing towards reduced co2 emissions during transportation compared to most alternative materials. It is also 100% recyclable and an increasing proportion of our shrink films can be applied with recycled content to reduce dependence on virgin petrochemicals. Furthermore, shrink films significantly reduce food waste - a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions - by prolonging the shelf-life of many foods.

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    Pictures & Frames



    Toys & Games

    personal care

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    E-Commerce Bagging materials

    Discover our extensive portfolio of polybags and mailers designed for vertical bagging applications as well as a range of films and papers for horizontal bagging lines. With most being fully recyclable, the range also comprises options with up to as much as 70% recycled content formulations for a bagging operation with greener credentials. The polybag range includes standard bags (that can be printed on), branded bags offering high-definition design possibilities and custom bags for niche applications requiring non-scratch finishes, anti-static properties and more. We can also cater for those e-commerce operations looking to move away from plastic with the supply of coated and uncoated papers in thicknesses from 60 g/m2 to 130 g/m2 in either brown, white or printed finishes.

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    e-commerce materials overview


    Our range of e-commerce materials has two distinct purposes. Both papers and poly bags can be used to 'bag' purchased products ready for despatch through retailer B2C e-commerce distribution networks or printed materials through postal channels. Alternatively, our bags can be used to collate items in shelf-ready packs that are perfect for retail display or customer service/kit packs.


    Our polybagging materials offer the utmost durability, robustness and puncture resistance in order to protect packs during transit. They offer a water-proof, dust-proof and dirt-proof covering to any product so that it reaches its destination in pristine condition. Because we can supply bags and mailers in coloured and opaque specifications, high-value goods can be protected from sight for enhanced security. All of our e-commerce materials create tight closures whether sewn, overlapped, glued or heat sealed for pack integrity and tamper-evidence purposes. Plus our papers can also be enhanced with PE liners to offer water and grease proofing where required.


    Choose from paper or plastic in the knowledge that either solution guarantees you 100% recyclability. Even when printed or PE lined, our materials remain 100% recyclable after use. Plus, an increasing array of our products can be supplied with recycled content for a more eco-friendly operation. Reclosable sealing strips can be incorporated into our polybags so that end-consumers can re-purpose the bags for returned items, reducing waste and overall volumes of plastic packaging used.

    Varied specifications

    Whatever your bagging requirements, we have a choice of materials to suit. Your packs can be glued, sewn, overlapped or heat sealed for a range of differing finishes and purposes depending on the exact specification. All can be printed for branding purposes and supplied in a range of sizes and thicknesses, as well as on reels or sheets. Value-adding features such as hang holes, handles, euro slots, resealable strips and reclosable strips can also be incorporated to help you build a truly tailored bagging solution.

    our E-COMMERCE materials can BAG


    Printed materials


    Mail Orders

    e-com returns


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    Stretch films

    Working with the global leaders in stretch film manufacture, CROCCO, we're proud to offer a curated collection of high quality films for pallet wrapping. Whether for machine application or for manual hand wrapping purposes, our CROCCO film will raise the bar. With BRC approval, full supply chain traceability, recycled content options and amazing stretch capacities, there's something for every business involved in pallet shipping.

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    stretch films overview


    Stretch films are used to provide protection to goods stacked on pallets during transit or whilst in storage. Stretch films are designed to expand as they are applied and each layer tacks itself to the previous in order to band together loaded items in tight, secure forms. The addition of pallet stretch film maintains these bundled structures until they are unpacked, preventing damage, facilitating easy transportation and preventing slippage or spillages of product.

    diverse properties

    Our range of hand and machine stretch films are as unique as your products. Whether you need high tensile strength, macro perforations for breathability, extreme stretch capacity, a cast or blown film, there's a specification that's perfect for your needs. Films can also be supplied in a variety of colours including clear, black (for enhanced product security), blue tinted (food-grade standard) or in a number of other primary colours for warehouse sorting purposes. Choose from films in multiple widths and thicknesses to suit your needs.

    Hand Vs Machine Wrap

    No matter whether you wrap pallets manually or using a machine, we can pair your operation with the perfect film. Smaller, lighter hand wrap reels are readily available in many of the corresponding machine wrap specifications, including our pre-stretched film and Atmosfera film, that are perfect for easy handling with or without dispensers. For machine-run operations, we can provide films with very high stretch ratios to achieve increased yield and output to maximise the efficacy of your equipment.

    Safe & secure

    There are a number of EU directives directly concerning the health and safety requirements for the shipment of pallets. YPS can help you conform to regulations by providing high strength, tear resistant films that guarantee pallet integrity and complete load stability during transit. Our film experts can conduct a full audit of your pallet wrapping processes to ensure you're using the safest film for your products in the most effective way.

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    boxed products


    products in sacks

    trayed products

    mixed pallets




    With almost endless possibilities for our wrapping machinery & films, we've got experience in a wide variety of industries.

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