So-called because of their ‘L’ shaped sealing frame, L-sealers use centre-folded polyolefin shrink film - one layer of film sitting above and one beneath - to wrap varied products. The sealing frame comes down around the pack to meet both film layers and seal two sides, creating a bag. Then as the products progress through the machine, the sealing frame will come down to bag the next product in the stream and in doing so will seal the remaining side and last edge of the previous pack. The heat shrink tunnel will then expel air from the formed bag to create the tightly-shrunk finish required for each pack.

Typically L-sealers are used for presentation or display applications and retail packs where it is vital that products have an aesthetically pleasing finish that stands out from competitor products.

Our range of L-sealers - which are available in both semi and fully automatic models - produce a high-quality result that is ideal for retail environments or multi-packs where the presentation of the product is critical. All of our L-sealer machines are designed to provide the very best results from polyolefin shrink film.

Designed for display packaging applications.

Compatible with polyolefin shrink films with a complete heat shrink enclosure for improved aesthetics.

Provides excellent heat shrink presentation with a perfect wrinkle-free, glossy finish for packs.

Can also deliver simple bagging solutions with easy-to-use control systems.

Available in mild and stainless steel.

Included service contract to deliver long-term hassle-free maintenance.

ideal applications

Presentation packaging

Retail Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging

Gift Packaging

Confectionery Packaging

Bespoke packaging

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