OXBTEC Recyclable Barrier Shrink Film

OXBTEC Recyclable Barrier Shrink Film

A recyclable barrier film dedicated to modified atmosphere overwrapping - now with recycled content!

The perfect solution for MAP food applications, OXBTEC is the thinnest film of its kind currently available on the market. This full barrier film creates totally hermetic leak-proof seals and is formulated with water-resistant properties, ideal for any fresh food product, but in particular for poultry products.

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tech specs

fully recyclable

With the option for recycled content.


20mu - the thinnest poultry-dedicated shrink film on the market, allowing for reduced plastic consumption.

Food-contact approved

With BRC accreditation and full traceability.

Water and puncture resistant

OXBTEC's hermetic leak-proof seals reduce damage and product loss.

High anti-fog capacity

For outstanding optical properties. Also shrinks without wrinkles for superior presentation.


For Empack's 'Most Innovative Product' award 2022 and The British Plastic Federation's 'Top 15 Plastic Innovations of the Year' award 2022.

Innovative circular polymers

Introducing OXBTEC_RCB

Recently supplied to the fresh food giant Cranswick Country Foods, our innovative new film OXBTEC_RCB is the only food-safe barrier shrink film that is at once recyclable but also comprised of recycled content. As a result of a pioneering tie-up with Dow and Bollore, we are the only UK distributors of this ground-breaking shrink film which results from advanced chemical recycling techniques.

Developed with the poultry market specifically in mind, OXBTEC_RCB is a unique offering to deliver a totally food-safe, extreme strength, 20mu barrier film that is 100% recyclable to SPI code 04. This dedicated film, which can be recycled at larger supermarkets and at some kerbsides, is eligible to carry an official OPRL recycling symbol.

There are no differences in working with OXBTEC_RCB compared to standard films - in fact the machineability and shelf life has been proven to exactly match those of traditional films. With an easy upgrade path, the integration of OXBTEC_RCB into existing poultry packhouses is straightforward, requiring no downtime or interference to the packaging lines.

Cranswick Country Foods Case Study

David Garbutt, Cranswick Country Foods

"We’re pleased to be leading the way with the introduction of this innovative OXBTEC_RCB film for our poultry packaging. It satisfies our circular goals whilst being technically outstanding in terms of freshness preservation and in the presentation of our products."


Standard OXBTEC

We are proud suppliers of the outstanding OXBTEC polyolefin barrier shrink film from Bollore. OXBTEC polyolefin is dedicated specifically to the food processing industry, created to meet the exacting demands of this market. This barrier shrink film is a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) overwrapping solution.

OXBTEC is formulated with barrier and anti-fog properties, making it ideal for the packaging of fresh food product units. Its use has been shown to preserve poultry products for longer, significantly extending the shelf life of whole chickens from 7 days up to 14 days. This is critical to reduce food waste attributed to spoiling or expiration, which is of course a major global concern. This popular film is unique to YPS in the UK and is also ideal for applications where hygiene is of high importance.

Furthermore, OXBTEC offers high impact and puncture resistance, reducing the potential for damage and product loss, which is critical when packaging fresh meat and poultry in order to prevent contamination risks. To complement this, it’s completely water-resistant and ensures hermetic leak-proof seals are formed.

Due to its high anti-fog capacity, OXBTEC provides outstanding optical properties. It also shrinks tightly around the product without wrinkles, delivering superior presentation and finish.

Enjoy long roll lengths for maximum yield and also optimum shrinkage, consistency and reliability, as well as complete BRC approval.

Our OXBTEC Barrier shrink film can wrap

whole birds

poultry pieces





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Our extensive film warehouse enables us to store full food-contact approved polyolefin materials for fast delivery across the UK, alongside a convenient call-off order system which is ideal for companies supplying seasonal goods like seafood. Each and every roll of film comes with BRC approval from manufacture right through to distribution as well as full traceability. We're happy to supply complimentary samples of any specification of wrap and we can conduct extensive trials with your products on our equipment to demonstrate the YPS difference. Plus, you can utilise our OPRL approved labelling permissions to clearly market the recyclability of your packaging to your customers.

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