Polythene Transit Shrink Film

Polythene Transit Shrink Film

Durable and robust films to suit any transit or storage application - now with recycled content!

Perfect for heavy-duty packs or those destined for the carrier network, YPS can supply centrefold sheeting (CFS) and single wound sheeting (SWS) polythene, in any range of high to low slip material. All films can be supplied in either clear or coloured, including red, green, blue and yellow, tailored to your requirements. We can also provide film with additives such as anti-blocking or anti-static to suit specific production needs.

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tech specs

fully recyclable

To LDPE level 4, with the option of up to 70% recycled content, sourced exclusively from a UK waste stream.

high to low slip

A range of high to low slip polythene for just about any transit packing application.

Different variations

Available in both centre folded and single wound specifications with thicknesses between 30-150mu.

Colour choice

Available in both clear or coloured variations with printing also possible.

Manufactured in the UK

At a BRC certified site.


Polythene films are perfect for use with our sleeve wrapping systems, dairy wrappers, wide wrappers and shrink tunnels.

plastic tax exempt


Unlike 100% virgin polymer films, these plastic flexibles contain polythene resin material that has been recycled and then re-granulated. These films therefore successfully meet the stringent OPRL definition of ‘recycled’ and are compatible with a circular economy model. Furthermore, like the rest of our range, our recycled content polythene heat shrink films are 100% recyclable themselves, completing the closed-loop and translating to lower demands on resources and a reduced co2 impact of 20% compared to films without recycled content.

This range of single wound and centre folded recycled content polythene sheeting is available in any width up to 3000mm wide in 30-150 micron and in any variation of high to low slip material.

Just like new: It is typically assumed that shrink films containing recycled content suffer some adverse effects to their properties, particularly when it comes to optics and clarity or production speeds. We can confirm that our outstanding PCW films incur no penalty at all in terms of appearance when compared to virgin films (the clarity is such that they can be used with scanning systems) and have in fact been manufactured to minimise any negative impact in wrapping performance. The co-extruded formulation of these recycled content films ensures that the shrink and stretch layers within remain unaffected by the layer of PCW material. This means that the quality, reliability and usability are of the highest standard, just as customers have come to expect from YPS films.

This range of polythene shrink films boasts upwards of 30% (and inclusive) recycled plastic matter. This makes them exempt from the £200 per tonne ‘Plastic Tax’ introduced in the UK in 2022. Transitioning to a PCW film will therefore future-proof your wrapping operation and conform to official government recommendations.


a heavy-duty solution

We can supply standard polythene plastic films for all kinds of transit applications, with widths ranging from 150mm wide through to 3000mm and in thicknesses from 17 micron right through to 250 micron covering all gauge requirements. Additionally our standard polythene can be supplied as bags on a roll with a straight seal perforated to tear-off at any length. This can be produced in either LFT or GLFT form and printed with a simple warning notice for use on ‘form film and seal’ machines, plus the flow wrapping of items such as magazines or card inserts can be produced. These are all high slip SWS or CFS variations.

All of our polythene shrink films are fully recyclable to LDPE level 4.


additional options

  • Micro-perforated films: Most of our films can be full faced micro-perforated. This is ideal for shrink wrapping items that need to be fully enclosed. The perforations let the air escape as the film shrinks onto the pack then seal themselves.

  • Co-ex polythene films.

  • Printing: We can print our polythene in the UK in all ranges of colours. Printing can be done online, enabling us to print simple designs and notices to achieve product branding. Alternatively, we can print offline with more detailed designs possible to suit all requirements.

leaders of the pack

After-sales support should not be an after-thought. So when you choose YPS as your packaging materials supplier you can rest assured that our service is second-to-none. With plentiful film stocks housed in our 20,000 sq foot dedicated warehouse, we can ship our materials anywhere across the UK and Ireland at short lead-times. Each and every roll of film comes with BRC approval from manufacture right through to distribution as well as full traceability. We're happy to supply complimentary samples of any specification of wrap and we can conduct extensive trials with your products on our equipment to demonstrate the YPS difference. Take advantage of our handy call-off order scheme to reserve your stock for a guaranteed 'on-tap' supply and utilise our OPRL approved labelling permissions to market the recyclability of your packaging.

our polythene transit shrink film can wrap



insulation panels

windows & doors

boxed products


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If you’re looking for a new and improved material packaging solution, arrange a trial with one of our film experts. See your products wrapped in our materials either at our showroom in Yorkshire or on-site at your facility. Our friendly team will be on hand to discuss any aspects of your project and answer any questions.

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