Printed materials

Paper reams, greeting cards, books, currency, labels, magazines, catalogues, leaflets or scratch cards, whatever your specific product YPS can help. We understand that in the printing sector, businesses need to be efficient, consistent and fast, responding to tight deadlines on a regular basis. Given that there’s so much to consider in this industry on a day-to-day basis, from folding, collating, binding and trimming, the final preparation of your products for distribution or retail should be as simple and streamlined as possible, with minimal downtime. Our shrink wrapping machines are specifically designed for high volume, fast-paced environments, enabling you to package individual products or stacks of paper products beautifully with incredible speed and reliability. And for those looking to pack printed products for mail order applications, we have a range of horizontal and vertical bagging machines that can also scan, print and label your paper packs in a breeze. With our award-winning after-sales support and our incredible range of high quality films, papers and polybags, there's no grey areas in our offering.

Why choose YPS for printed material wrapping applications?

Experience with diverse applications

Our selection of leading shrink wrap machines is perfect for a variety of printed products, including greetings cards, labels, textbooks, posters, magazines, scratch cards, calendars and much more. Shrink wrapping delivers impressive presentation, tamper-evident packs, water-proofing and the potential to create bundles.

Reliable machines

Printing applications are typically high-speed and high volume. This industry necessitates an investment in consistently reliable equipment that can withstand the rigours of round-the-clock service to prevent downtime. This is why our machines are constructed from only the highest quality parts to give you the reassurance of a reliable result time after time.

High speeds

Our high-end side sealers from Hugo Beck can offer incredible speeds of up to 15,000 cycles per hour, so you're sure to always meet even your tightest of deadlines. Choosing continuous motion models over intermittent sealing units can save significant time in production.

Specialist Films

We know that some paper packs can be easily distorted if the degree of shrink is too high, such as calendars or labels. Our BRX cross-linked film has been designed to exert a low shrink force on products, to stop them rolling up or creasing, whilst still achieving a wrinkle-free finish. This enables you to reduce secondary packaging as there is no need for cardboard stiffeners or boards in your packs.

Paper Materials

Its not just plastic films that can elevate the packing of your printed goods. We can pack magazines and brochures in brown or white papers, with or without printed branding and with either sewn or glued edges, for a variety of different looks and finishes. Our papers with PE linings are particularly effective for paper materials because they are waterproof and grease-proof, to ensure your packs arrive in impeccable condition.

Back-up and support

With our award-winning back-up and support, you can benefit from a dedicated team of engineers to help resolve any queries you might have. Our team can diagnose and fix a lot of issues over the phone, but if not, we can usually attend site within 24 hours. We also keep high stocks of spare parts in our workshop ready to dispatch to you daily.

Tailored solutions

Ancillary Equipment

We can supplement our wrapping machinery with a host of ancillary options to ensure it meets the mark. For instance, finger chain conveyors can be added to ensure stacks of printed materials have a completely flush pack alignment prior to travelling into the sealing area, guaranteeing complete uniformity in pack presentation. Our side side sealing machines can also be upgraded with "Exact Page Opening" equipment, allowing you to insert leaflets inside magazines at specific points and a range of insert feeders can also be incorporated at the infeed. Plus, all of our shrink wrapping machines can be integrated with up and downstream equipment like conveyors and diverters.

Timothy Bourne, Suffolk Print Finishers Ltd

“Our old equipment was unreliable, inconsistent, and would only allow us to wrap certain books. This equipment has increased our production capacity and improved the consistency of wrap.”

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We count reams of printers amongst our customer base. Here's just a handful of businesses in this sector who look to us for packaging expertise.

Scott Cumming, Dawson Media Direct

"I have some 20 years experience within the newspaper and magazine field. This type of business requires machinery that is both robust and reliable. So I am pleased to advise that the new machine has made a 30 min positive impact on the delivery time to our key customers."

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Terry Lockwood, Lockwood Lithographics

“Our previous machine, whilst adequate for very short runs, soon proved too much for the rapid growth of shrink wrapping our customers required. The YPS system is at least 10 times faster, enabling us to greatly improve our delivery times.”