The world of retail is ever-changing and so are its packaging trends. However, the rapid growth in the e-commerce sector has changed the face of consumer purchasing entirely. To compete successfully in the demanding e-commerce platform, businesses must ensure they offer a professional and efficient service from the very first click right through to delivery, meaning that new (and stringent) considerations come into play for their packaging. Where once the packaging agenda for the retail market focused primarily on shelf-ready aesthetic presentation, now it needs to serve other purposes too, including being accurately labelled, damage-resistant, space-efficient for the carrier network and increasingly eco-friendly. YPS well understands the demands on your industry and have a plethora of machinery and material solutions ready to implement for your e-commerce success.

Why choose YPS for e-commerce bagging applications?

Hand-loaded e-commerce machines

Our vertical polybagging units are designed for hand-loaded packing operations. Available as desktop units for warehouses with space limitations or portable standing machines with customisable, ergonomic frames, all solutions in this range promise significant improvements in output and efficiency compared to manual bagging applications. The collection features the widest bagging unit currently available in the market, the Max Pro 24, which is capable of bagging two shoeboxes side by side.

Conveyor fed e-commerce machines

For increased automation, we can offer a number of premium horizontal bagging units from our German manufacturing partner Hugo Beck. These intermittent and continuous motion form, fill and seal machines achieve impressive speeds whilst minimising material usage with tight bag formations. Several machines in this collection can run paper, several utilise flexible plastic film and our stunning Paper X Hybrid model can run both materials for total flexibility.

Diverse range of e-commerce materials

From shrink films, to poly bags to papers, we have a bagging material to suit your needs. With a wide array of specifications, gauges, widths and colours, all options can be supplied with or without custom printed designs. Most are 100% recyclable and we also have blends with recycled content available. Our poly bags can be upgraded with several value-adding features including easy-tear perforation strips, resealable strips and hang holes.

Labelling capabilities

Our high-quality machines combine labelling with bagging to make sure every package reaches its intended recipient. The vertical units employ integrated thermal-transfer printers for on-bag address and information printing in a choice of coloured ribbons. Meanwhile, our horizontal machines incorporate every step of the process from product detection and scanning, to print and apply labelling.

GDPR Compliance

To comply with GDPR regulations, your e-commerce packaging process and address labelling must be synchronised perfectly to ensure that every item is documented correctly whilst protecting sensitive name and address information. Our Hugo Beck machines employ a one-in-one-out-and-destroy data bank system with precision scanning that follows products from the infeed right through to the outfeed. Once scanned, products will only ever be labelled with the correct corresponding details.

Back-up and support

We provide unrivalled, award-winning back-up and support for all e-commerce applications, with our in-house team of service engineers ready to assist seven days a week. A comprehensive service contract is included with the sale of any machine, unique in our industry. Furthermore, parts for our bagging machines are typically available for next day delivery to keep any downtime in your production to a minimum.

protecting profits

minimising returns

As any online retailer knows, keeping returns to a minimum is a must. Goods that are damaged in transit translate to high levels of returns, eating into profit margins. They are costly, time-consuming to process and can harm your customer satisfaction levels. To prevent returns, your e-commerce packaging must prevent water ingress and protect from dirt and impact damage. Our wide selection of industry leading machines and robust, durable packaging materials allows you to maximise your offering in not only an attractive outer bag, but a tamper-evident, lightweight and void-avoiding format that reduces the risk of damage in transit. However, should the worst happen, many of our polybag solutions can include reclosable and resealable strips. This enables them to be repurposed as a returns bag, preventing waste and simplifying the process for your customers.

Purchasing Manager, Online Retailer

“The main reason we wanted the machines was to cut down on our hours during the busy season. Now we can process 10 orders at a time by lining them up next to each other, scanning them and going through the process with an operator just dropping in the materials. The automated machines are 55 per cent faster than the manual process."

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