Packaging Machinery

    Automating a packaging process with capital equipment can deliver a raft of incredible benefits to your business.

    From increased speeds, production outputs and efficiencies, to reduced costs, downtime and material wastage, packaging machinery always translates to a great return on investment. Plus, a mechanised wrapping operation creates consistency in finished pack results, leading to enhanced product integrity and improved customer satisfaction.

    Discover the many uses, features and benefits of our shrink wrapping, stretch wrapping and e-commerce packaging machinery and understand how our solutions can help elevate your packaging proposition to new heights. Please note that for a truly turnkey and harmonised result, we can also supply any of our featured wrapping machines with ancillary equipment including conveyors, packing tables, box tapers, tin tapers, labellers and lazy susan rotary tables.

    Our Packaging Machinery Can Achieve

    Increased output

    Increased speeds

    eco-friendly packaging

    Cost savings

    reduced film consumption

    improved branding


    shrink wrapping machines

    YPS are proud to offer a comprehensive range of shrink wrapping machines for both display and transit packaging applications. Catering for a huge array of sectors, products, factory layouts, speed requirements and operator availability, we can match your exact requirements to a high-quality, robust shrinking line that will exceed your expectations. Our portfolio of sleeve wrapping and side sealing equipment has been hand-picked from an industry-leading line-up of global manufacturers including Hugo Beck, Mimi and Ulma and is supported by our second-to-none backup and support.

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    shrink wrapping machines overview


    Shrink-wrapping machinery is designed to apply flexible plastic shrink film to a single product or bundle of products for the purposes of protection, preservation or presentation. With the application of heat, the sleeve or bag of plastic film housing the item or items shrinks tightly around them and conforms tightly to their shape.

    Display Vs Transit

    Shrink-wrapping machines are categorised primarily by the desired outcome of the packaging, whether to protect products in transit or to enhance the aesthetics of products for a display or retail environment. Our sleeve sealing range is designated for transit applications whereas our collection of L sealers and side sealers meet the demands of display packaging.


    Our range includes manually operated packaging machinery and semi-automatic models right through to high-speed, continuous motion, fully automatic lines. Automation requirements are dependent on operator availability, required speeds and production volume.

    Special applications

    YPS can cater for even the most specialist wrapping needs, including those of harsh dairy environments and damp bottling plants. We can also provide packaging machinery for BAMA-compliant aerosol requirements and supply machinery for extra-wide or heavy product ranges.

    our shrink wrapping machines can wrap

    Pictures & Frames


    Toys & Games



    Bagging machines

    Our collection of horizontal and vertical bagging machines are ideal for B2C and B2B order fulfilment applications. Combining bagging with print and apply labelling solutions for a seamless production line, the packaging machinery in this range has been designed to streamline any hand-loaded or fully automated packing process. All of our units have been constructed with flexibility in mind to cater to a variety of products, pack sizes and packaging materials, yet deliver 100% uncompromisable rigidity for data control and labelling. With a remarkable speed capacity, our bagging systems will achieve high production output whatever your specific fulfilment application.

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    bagging machines overview


    Our range of bagging machines seek to automate the process of bagging retail goods that are destined for B2C household delivery: a rapidly growing, high volume and high demand industry. By its nature, the process must combine protective packaging methods with printed customer information and absolute data security, to ensure a fault-free, GDPR-compliant pack that reaches the correct recipient in pristine condition. To achieve this, our packaging machinery combines bagging with print and apply labelling solutions in one integrated process.

    Horizontal VS Vertical

    Vertical bagging systems are typically used when products need to be hand-loaded, whereby an operator drops a product downwards into a pre-opened bag before it is automatically sealed. Horizontal bagging involves the product travelling along an infeed conveyor and entering the bagging machine automatically from a horizontal direction before being sealed within a bag material. Horizontal bagging is usually the method of choice when production is very high-speed or high volume.


    Data security is non-negotiable for any business trading online because a wealth of customer information is collected in retail that is simply unnecessary in most physical transactions. With customer names, addresses and bank details often included with receipts, it is crucial this information is protected and mix-ups are avoided. To achieve this our software partners at Hugo Beck and Vulcan have integrated the most advanced data bank equipment into our baggers.

    reducing environmental impact

    A key concern for businesses and their customers is the environmental impact of packaging. To achieve their greener goals, YPS’ packaging machinery is compatible with a variety of 100% recyclable films, polybags and papers. Furthermore, many of our baggers deliver intelligent product dimension detection systems which ensure only the minimum amount of material required is used to bag each pack, minimising the overall material consumption of the process.



    Printed materials


    Mail Orders




    Stretch wrapping machines

    Discover an exciting array of best-in-class pallet wrapping solutions expertly designed to streamline your goods-out department. From small portable robot wrappers to highly technical rotating arm units, our fully and semi automatic machines will make light work of your pallets and reduce the stresses and strains of manual wrapping on your workforce. Through our partnerships with the market-leading manufacturers Robopac and TOSA, you can be sure of a system that suits your needs, your warehouse and your operator capacity, expertly supported and maintained by our team.

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    stretch wrapping machines overview


    Stretch wrapping machines are designed to automate the manual process of wrapping loaded pallets of goods. Wrapping pallets in stretch film offers protection against product damage, water ingress, dust and dirt, and maintains the form of the pallet for safety during transportation. Differing systems, features and levels of automation are available to meet the demands of a wide spectrum of businesses.

    semi vs fully automatic

    Our semi-automatic equipment tends to be stand-alone equipment whereby pallets are loaded with a pump truck or forklift truck into position before being wrapped. In most cases, our fully automatic equipment is designed to be integrated into a full production line where pallets are introduced via conveyor systems to be wrapped. Typically our fully automatic packaging machinery achieves higher speeds than our semi-automatic models.

    Turnkey solutions

    To customise our pallet wrapping machines to your specific requirements, we can supply a host of ancillary equipment and optional extras. Choose from ramps in differing configurations, varied styles of film carriages, weighing scales, film roping devices, film cutting devices, R-Connect software integration and more.

    special applications

    Do you require packaging machinery to wrap extra large pallets? Is your warehouse space limited and do you need a machine either with a small footprint or that you can pack away between uses? Or are you wrapping liquids or corrosive chemicals? Whatever your specific concerns or the demands of your particular environment, we can help. From rust-proof stainless steel wrappers, to portable robot wrappers you can pack away between cycles, to extra-wide rotating arm machines, we can cater to the needs of your business and your pallets.

    our stretch wrapping machines can wrap pallets of

    boxed products

    Insulation panels

    products in sacks

    trayed products





    With almost endless possibilities for our packaging machinery & films, we've got experience in a wide variety of industries.

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