High-Speed Flight Bar Sleeve Sealer

High-Speed Flight Bar Sleeve Sealer

High-speed sleeving expertise delivering fast and efficient shrinking for high-volume applications.

YPS are delighted to bring to market a first-class, highly sophisticated flighted bar shrink wrapping solution dedicated to high-speed applications. With only one reel of film at play, the machine is slicker than standard sleeve sealers, whilst offering the opportunity for print register designs of shrink film.

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tech specs

Flighted bar operation

Delivers high speeds and low maintenance without sealing jaws.


Up to 600 cycles per hour depending on the product or 80 packs per minute. With a twin lane infeed, speeds of 160 packs per minute can be achieved.


Available in three different frame sizes, for the ideal high-speed shrink wrapping line for your operation.

Inline or side feed configurations

To suit your product type, collation requirements and the footprint and space of your warehouse.

fast and easy changeovers

Switch easily between products on the fly without needing to reset parameters of the infeed guides.

Service contract

Included as standard.

Key features

continuous motion, Impressive speeds

The single-lane models in our flighted bar range can run at speeds of up to 80 packs per minute but twin-lane variations can see speeds of up to 160 packs per minute achieved. Although ideal for a wide range of applications, this capacity for rapid speed lends these machines particularly well to food, beverage and bottling plants which require a high-volume, high-demand solution.

The most advanced machines in the flighted bar range can also incorporate cardboard trays and pads into your collations.

HASSLE-FREE wrapping


Flighted bar sealers operate without the traditional sealing jaws found on most sleeve wrappers, meaning they are incredibly low maintenance. Sealing jaws typically require cleaning at regular intervals or after every lengthy production run so this is no longer a consideration with the flighted bar range. Furthermore, without the repeated cutting and sealing motion required from the jaw after each pack, our machines can afford to be significantly faster and a continuous flow in production is delivered.

As well as the absence of a sealing jaw to upkeep, these machines benefits from doors with rounded protection, allowing for more space inside the unit and externally mounted motors on the machine side edges which are easily accessible during routine maintenance. For any required manual intervention, operators do not need to enter the internal parts of the shrink wrapper at all.


How does it work?

Unlike other sleeve sealers, which utilise both a top and bottom roll of film that result in a central seal around packs, the flighted bar models use only one roll of film, mounted underneath the conveyor. The film feeds upwards and comes up and over the packs as they travel forwards until a single full sleeve envelops them, which is then cut cleanly before being shrunk inside the shrink tunnel oven. This wrapping style normally leaves a ‘bullseye’ hole at each side of the pack, which can be beneficial for heavy packs of jars or bottles to assist with lifting.

The stream of loose packs enter the wrapping line on a single-lane conveyor. This negates the need for a divider to lane the products, saving costs as well as space. The format also accepts a wide variety of pack sizes or container types, without requiring different belts. Changeovers between packs are therefore fast and easy without the need to regulate the guides on the different lanes. A wheel of dividing bars group the packs with a continuous linear motion into the desired format and a twin belt system separates the collations into the production line using an electronic cam.

The products are then pushed from the single lane conveyor to the multi-lane conveyor. The unwinding of the film is controlled by brushless motors that ensure the precise and continuous adjustment of the film tensioning, controlled by a piston.

When the operating film reel is fully over, a manual sealing bar joins the films. The film is cut with exact precision by a blade controlled by a direct-drive brushless motor, then wrapped around the group of products and overlapped on the bottom of the pack. Finally, the packs enter the energy-efficient shrink tunnel for fast, smooth film shrinking.

Caters to any collation

Whatever your desired pack formation, our high-speed flight bar sealers can match it. Their sturdy pusher bars can be set to produce a wide array of collations including 3 x 1, 3 x 2, 3x 3 etc. Both singles and multipacks are a breeze with the flighted bar range, offering the flexibility you need for your whole product range.

unique features

single reel sleeving

Our flighted bar sleeve sealers are perfectly suited to applications running printed film. Because the system only requires one roll of film in its operation, print register designs are its bread and butter. Utilising an automatic centring system with print-register marks, there are no discrepancies in design where in alternative systems the upper and lower films could become out of sync. The flighted bar system helps achieve perfect printing every time.

our flighted bar sleeving machines can wrap



Food & Beverage

trayed items


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award-winning support

Any downtime on a high speed machine is magnified greatly compared to a low speed machine and so for this reason backup and support – should it be needed – must be first class. At YPS, we are the proud winners of the PPMA customer service award which recognised our investment in and commitment to technology for improved backup and support.

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