Side Feed Automatic Sleeve Sealer

Side Feed Automatic Sleeve Sealer

Wraps trayed or trayless items with the flexibility to create multipacks.

If your transit application demands singles, multipacks, trayed or trayless pack formats, our side feed sleeve wrapper will exceed your expectations. Offering you total control, a multitude of collations can be formed and wrapped on demand, a feature which is especially useful for contract packers and growing businesses looking to future-proof their operation.

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tech specs

Optional BAMA Compliance

For aerosol wrapping, a number of upgraded features can be incorporated.


Can be fed either by an operator or directly from a conveyor for a labour-saving option.


Can achieve up to 1080 cycles per hour depending on the product. Changeovers between pack types are fast and easy.

Power supply

Up to 2.7 amps, 2kW, 3 phase.

Weight and dimensions

Has a maximum weight of 430kg with 3 choices of frame sizes. All have measurements of 1.3m long by 2.1m high and the available widths are 2.175m, 2.375m or 2.575m.

Service contract

Included as standard.

Key features

Aerosol applications

BAMA compliance

SIde feed systems can be supplied with full BAMA compliance for technical aerosol wrapping purposes. A suite of safety features including flame detectors, CO2 flooding, temperature overload circuitry and pneumatic air motors will ensure the utmost safety for your operators. YPS have a wealth of experience and competence n the aerosol industry.

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our side feed sleeve wrappers can wrap




Food & Beverage


trayed items


create limitless collations

The side feed sleeve sealer offers you enhanced flexibility in your operation, with the ability to run singles or multipacks, trayed or trayless items and various collations with ease.

Feeding products at a 90° angle to the direction of the shrink tunnel, the side-feed sleeve sealer uses a positive push action to collate products in your desired formats. If you fulfil a range of different orders, the changeover between products or collations is simple and straightforward, requiring just a tweak of the settings. A pack clamp is included as standard to deliver complete stability, even for stacked products.

The heat sealer has a built-in backup sensor and specially located dividing plate between the infeed conveyor and the sealing jaw which allows most types of trayless packs to be shrink-wrapped with ease.

Unique features

A number of features make this system a great choice for transit packs. The sealer's powered film feeds ensure complete reliability when running at speed, a high-speed dual-lane feeding system can be incorporated to maximise output and twin cooling fans at the outfeed prevent any scorching of the film. The heavy-duty sealing jaw ensures the creation of strong, durable seals and it can also be positioned at different heights to optimise speed, as it can be set just high enough to clear each pack, minimising interval times between seals.

Furthermore, upgraded heavy-duty modular ‘SNB’ infeed belts come as standard to maintain consistent and steady travel of packs throughout the shrink tunnel. These belts are far tougher than standard polyurethane belts which can over time begin to track off due to the 90° push direction of the pack off the belt. To prevent this, the upgraded SNB modular belt has a high slip nature and improved bearings.


Safety guaranteed

At the end of the infeed belt where the pusher plate pushes the product into the plastic film, there is a spring-loaded safety plate on the infeed guide. This is designed to prevent any damage to the heat sealing machine or packs if for any reason they should jam up or inter-lock due to incorrect setup, providing a truly fail-safe solution.

Normally, if the pusher plate is narrower than the pack it is pushing then it can never affect the preceding pack. However, if an operator was to change to a smaller pack without making the required change to the pusher plate, the pusher may try to push two packs through the heat shrink film. In this instance, the pusher would normally then attempt to crush the preceding pack against the guide rail. To combat this, the spring-loaded safety plate would prevent this eventuality. The preceding pack would be pushed into this plate which would trigger an automatic shut-down, ensuring no damage to the machine guide or pack. Very few heat shrink sleeving machines on the market have this invaluable feature.

David Rome, Jacob's Bakery

"The side feed sleeve wrappers for the Twigglet line allowed us to create the packs in a trayless collation and the speed is incredible for a double push cycle. They have proven to be so reliable."

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