Top Tips For Maintaining Your Shrink Wrapping Machine

When you purchase capital equipment like wrapping machinery, you not only want it to deliver premium performance and results, you want it to stand the test of time. To protect your investment whilst ensuring you get the most from your machinery throughout it’s lifetime, we recommend following these easy steps to maintain it:

  • Regularly monitor and replace the parts of the machine that experience wear and tear. For most sealers this means the base tape, the teflon tape and the sealing wire. For shrink tunnels this is usually the lubricant that keeps the chains running smoothly. YPS keep consumables like these in stock available for next day delivery but we do recommend that customers keep parts like these on the shelf to minimise any downtime in production. For your convenience, we supply dedicated spare parts lists with every machine that categorises parts according to the frequency they will need to be changed. Category A denotes a part we suggest is kept on-site at all times.

  • Run high-quality films. Purchasing cheaper films is always a false economy when it comes to getting the best from your shrink wrapping equipment (and pack quality). Using high-end films reduces costs in production through reduced temperatures in the tunnel and faster seal times, translating into greater production rates. However high-end films also reduce the build-up of film caught along the sealing jaw/blade which will not only produce poor seals on your packs but will affect the lifespan of the part. Furthermore, high-quality films (like those offered by Bollore) usually take advantage of Ultra-Thin Technology. This means the gauge is reduced compared to conventional films, without any sacrifice to their properties. The thinner micron films can be run at lower temperatures and therefore significantly reduce the output pressure on the sealers and shrink tunnels over time, whilst also removing the potential for damage caused by scorching or blistering.

  • Keep it clean! Dust and debris can impair the performance of your machine and also the finish and quality of your packs. If you are wrapping food or pharmaceutical items, maintaining a hygienic packaging line is even more critical, for obvious reasons. A regular wipe down of the equipment with a non-abrasive, clean and dry cloth should suffice. In particular, the sealing jaws on our machinery should be checked at the end of every shift to ensure no debris is caught in them. We also recommend using a dust cover when your machine is idle as a hassle-free solution to keeping it spotless.

  • Keep it dry! Moisture can be damaging to mild steel machinery as it can cause rusting and corrosion. If you are wrapping liquids like chemicals or drinks, you would benefit considerably from upgrading to a stainless steel system, which can be easily washed down, for an increased lifespan.

  • Implement a servicing schedule. Each company’s servicing needs will be unique. Customers who run an intensive 24-hour wrapping operation will need more regular preventative maintenance than those who power up their equipment only seasonally or have low volumes. Liaise with our expert engineering team who can offer guidance on how regularly your equipment should be serviced depending on your usage. They will compile a personalised schedule with an arrangement to contact you prior to a service due date.

  • Ensure operators have adequate training. Making sure your operators know how to use the machine properly is the key to avoiding a lot of faults and potential damage. This is why comprehensive training is delivered free of charge by our engineering team at every machinery installation. At YPS we do not limit training and are happy to provide more than one visit to fully satisfy your staff’s needs. Our policy is that we only conclude the training when you tell us you are happy. To support your operators, we also recommend having a copy of the detailed machine manual readily available as a point of reference – this can be easily and safely stored inside the electrical cabinet. Electronic and paper copies of manuals are supplied with every machine.

As you can see, keeping your packaging machinery in top condition does not have to be a headache! The equipment supplied by YPS is robust and reliable and will serve you well for many years. Additionally, all our machinery, whether new or refurbished, is backed up with award-winning support which includes a service contract and parts and labour warranty. There are no doubts however that observing the simple tips above will prolong the lifespan of your machinery and its component parts.

Would you prefer to leave machine maintenance to us? Worry not, our professional engineers are available to meet your needs! The most cost-effective way to make the most of our team’s expertise is with a comprehensive service contract, which also offers a discount on spare parts. Are you interested in renewing or purchasing a service contract? Enquire today!

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