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Confectionary, baked goods, fresh produce, dairy, seafood, meat, bottlers, cereals. Whatever you are wrapping, we’re hungry to find the right solution for you! With multiple factors to consider such as hygiene, speed and the appearance of your packs, choosing the right supplier of packaging equipment is crucial. Here’s how YPS can help you take failure off the menu!


High quality machinery

We have a varied range of machines suited to the food and beverage industry. Our flighted bar sleeve sealers have been developed with high volume, high-speed bottling plants in mind to deliver incredible outputs of up to 160 packs a minute. Our L-sealers and side sealers create aesthetically pleasing retail-bound packs of foods and our sleeve sealers make light work of multi-pack foods or heavy bottles. All can be integrated with up and downstream machines such as fillers and cappers for a fully synchronised food production line. Finally our pallet wrappers are the perfect end-of-line solutions to ready any package for storage or transit.

Stainless steel equipment

Damp settings such as dairies or beverage factories find long-term success with our stainless steel inline shrink wrappers, shrink tunnels and stretch wrappers. Rust-proof, they perform well even with regular wash-downs and in the event of spillages. They come complete with low voltage IP65 rated waterproof electrics and an array of easy clean features to maintain a food-grade environment.

recycled content food-safe films

We are the only approved UK distributors of OBXTEC_RCB, the world's first fully recyclable, recycled content, barrier shrink film for food applications. With our partners Bollore, we're at the forefront of innovation for food-grade packaging. The majority of our polyolefin films are certified as food-contact approved and we are also BRC accredited for your complete peace of mind.

Extended shelf life

The presence of shrink film considerably extends the shelf life of many fresh foods, which is great for our supply chain and end-consumers alike. For instance with the addition of shrink film, the shelf life of pizza is increased from 6 days up to 21 days, a whole chicken from 7 days up to 14, the same for processed meat, from 21 days up to 35 days for cheese and cucumbers can stay fresh for an extra 14 days.

MAP, breathable, anti-fog...

Our shrink and lidding films boast a very diverse array of properties, so whatever you're looking to pack, there's a film for you. High clarity, low temperature, barrier, anti-fog, or breathable properties - we can supply a number of specialist films to ensure your food looks as appealing as possible to customers.

unrivalled back up and support

You need your machinery to keep performing so that you can get your product onto the shelves in the shortest amount of time. Our impeccable technical support will keep your production running smoothly with minimal interruption. Every machine sale includes a comprehensive service contract and warranty, backed up with our dedicated team of service engineers and spare parts that are available the very next day from our UK workshop.

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We've got the right ingredients to set your business up for success. That's why we've worked with hundreds of food and beverage companies over the years, supplying them with machines, materials and service. Here's just a taster of the food and drink brands who trust in YPS.

Naseem Ul-Haq, EHL Finest Natural Ingredients

"We had heard so much from our fellow industry professionals about YPS’s quality and premium solutions. As a result, when the time came to update our shrink wrapping machinery we had the confidence to place the order before even seeing the equipment. Thankfully, we have not been disappointed!"

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Flexible films for foods

The food industry covers an enormous amount of products, each very different, with different storage needs, different shelf lives and each posing different challenges for packaging. That's why we hold stocks of a wide range of food-dedicated shrink films, all suited to a specialist need! There's breathable films for cheese, barrier films for poultry, pizza capping film for -you guessed it - pizzas, and anti-fog films for fresh produce. Plus, our Skintec film makes portioned foods look amazing, our high sealing film is optimised for frozen foods and our 'second-skin' effect films show off meats at their finest.

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Ben Lisle, Polar Krush Premium Iced Drinks

"Jake & Pat in your technical team have been brilliant in helping me book in a visit to help set up new recipe patterns. Jake is always very helpful & informative on his visits and he never leaves until we are completely satisfied."

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Gerry Byers, Shetland Farm Dairies

"When Shetland Farm Dairies planned to install a new milk filling line, it was our intention to shrink wrap all pack sizes and move away from using milk crates…the machine has run perfectly and and we are very pleased with the performance."