Printed Shrink Film

Printed Shrink Film

High definition digitally printed films.

Due to our exclusive relationship with Bollore, the premium name in shrink film, we are able to offer this unique and exceptional shrink film product tailored exactly to your requirements. Both print register and continuous / scatter print requirements can be catered for.

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tech specs

fully recyclable

Printed films remain 100% recyclable to LDPE level 4 and can be supplied with as much as 70% recycled content.

Superior aesthetic qualities

High definition flexographic printing for enhanced branding and information. Choose from continuous or discontinuous print.

Varying widths & thicknesses

Available in single-wound or centrefolded specifications and in a wide array of microns and sizes.

Negate secondary packaging

No need for labels or paper inserts.

Machine compatibility

Suitable to run on most machine types including L sealers, tray lidding machines, side sealers and flowpack machines.

Food contact approval

Printed films are suitable for foodstuffs even when in direct contact.

key features

branded brilliance

Just some of the benefits of using printed film on your packs include:

  • Improved and increased branding for your business.

  • Enhanced visibility of information on your products.

  • Batch codes, serial numbers and barcode readability can be incorporated.

  • Negates the need for labels and printed inserts, saving on costs and labour.

  • Anti-counterfeit solutions possible.

  • Post-perforated to prevent colour bleed or design loss.

  • Printed films are still 100% recyclable and can be supplied with as much as 70% recycled content in the blend.

why choose printed film?

Trial and error

We understand that branding is extremely important and that it can be make or break for your products in the retail environment. That's why we're happy to supply as many free of charge samples of your designs as required until you are completely satisfied with how they look and feel.


continuous or scatter print

Depending on the ultimate requirements of your products, you have the choice of a 'continuous' or 'discontinuous' design. Continuous print, also known as 'scatter print' is a simple pattern that repeats over and over without any break in the design. Continuous print is effective for simple designs when it would not be problematic if a part of the design was positioned on an edge and was cut off during sealing. This may occur because the shrink wrapping machine will release the sealing jaw after each pack regardless of what point is reached in the design. Typically this style of printed film is used for company names or logos. By contrast, discontinuous or 'Print register' options are designed for more complex requirements where the plastic film acts as a replacement for a label. A print register design could include multiple features such as logos, bar codes, ingredients lists and a ‘window’ of clear film to display sections of the inside product. In these applications, the wrapping machinery is looking for a point on the design called the 'eye spot', a particular mark at the very end of each complete design on the printed film. When detected, this signals a break in the design, to which the machine responds by sealing the pack. The continuous print method guarantees that each wrapped pack displays the complete printed design that's required. At YPS we can accommodate both types of printed designs.

our printed shrink film can wrap


printed materials



boxed products


A cut above

Nationwide deliveries

Our West Yorkshire location means that we are able to offer fast delivery of packaging materials across the UK and Ireland. Our large dedicated warehouse is stocked high with polythene and polyolefin, polybags and stretch films ready to despatch to your facility at your convenience.

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If you’re looking for a new and improved material packaging solution, arrange a trial with one of our film experts. See your products wrapped in our materials either at our showroom in Yorkshire or on-site at your facility. Our friendly team will be on hand to discuss any aspects of your project and answer any questions.

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