Pet Food

We all want to spoil our furry friends with perfectly-packaged treats, snacks and food. That’s why we provide high quality wrapping solutions for the pet food sector, allowing your organisation to efficiently, hygienically and attractively package these products. We have experience wrapping a whole range of animal food items such as individual display packs of dog treats right up to larger transit packs, including sacks of bird seed or pellets in multipacks. With our packaging machines and materials, you can tick all your customers’ boxes (or pouches, sachets and tins!) to give pet-lovers across the UK the peace of mind that their beloved companion is getting the very best.

Why choose YPS for pet food wrapping applications?

Flexible solutions

The packaging demands of the pet food industry can vary drastically. Packs can be required for transit purposes or for retail environments, each with their own specialist considerations. Pet brands may also want to wrap singles or multipacks. or may be looking to heat shrink products or bind them in pallet wrap - perhaps both. Whatever your requirement, we have a solution to suit your needs.

food-contact approved

Most of our shrink films come with full food-contact approval, so you can rest assured that they are more than suited to wrap your pet's edibles. Plus we can also supply BZ cross-linked shrink film with enhanced tensile strength, capable of wrapping irregularly-shaped items without incurring punctures. This is ideal for natural pet foods that may contain sharp bones, snouts or hooves.

Stability for products in sacks

Many pet food products such as seeds and nuts are packed in sacks. These can be tricky to shrink wrap as they can be highly unstable when bundled in collations. At YPS we have the know-how and the machinery to create your multipacks in secure bundles without mishaps. We have a number of machines that can be set at slower, more controlled speeds and we can incorporate collation devices which ensure the weight is evenly distributed as sacks are stacked.

Sustainable materials

Our heavy-duty polythene shrink films, presentation polyolefin shrink films and pallet wrap films are available with 30%+ recycled content and are in turn fully recyclable themselves. This means they conform with circular economy goals, so you know that whilst you're looking after our pets, you're also looking after our planet.

Printed Films

We know that often pet food products need to come with a lot of information. Storage instructions, best before dates and ingredients lists are often required, as well as the odd logo for branding purposes. We have wrapped dog bones, chew sticks and rinds in printed film before, so nothing's off the menu!

Unrivalled support

We pride ourselves on our best-in-class support, which is why every machine supplied comes with a generous parts and labour warranty, as well as a free service contract. Our engineers are DBS checked and SafeContractor approved.

trusted by

our customers

When it comes to pet food wrapping, we're the butcher's cut. That's why we're the supplier of choice for these premium manufacturers.

Craig Gudgeon, Alpha Feeds

“We looked into the market at a number of companies and after a lot of extensive trials and tests we selected YPS again. The equipment that YPS could offer far outstripped that of the competition.”


Trayed and trayless packs

Our side feed sleeve wrapping systems are designed to handle collated packs in both trayed and trayless formations. This offers complete flexibility to pet food manufacturers who often wrap a range of items in varied pack types, allowing the same unit to be used for any application. Trays are typically used to add stability to packs that may be liable to topple over as they move through the machine or those that may not maintain their collation as they are pushed through the film. Trays can also be useful for retail environments where they can be used as on-shelf dispensers, easy to display and restock. Packs that don't require trays benefit from reduced secondary packaging and therefore bring overall cost savings.

side feed sleeve wrappers

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Ian Burrows, Newhay Feeds

"When we approached YPS with our brief we received thorough and detailed advice that helped us choose the correct equipment and we ran several trials with YPS to make sure the application was just right. The machine was supplied and installed with speed and efficiency and its performance since has exceeded our expectations."

Andrew Syrett, Nestle Purina

"It's always great customer care and service from YPS."