Semi-Automatic Extra-Wide Rotating Arm

Semi-Automatic Extra-Wide Rotating Arm

The ideal solution for unstable pallets.

Interested in a pallet wrapping machine but worried about the stability of your stacked pallets when being rotated at speed? The answer is our popular rotating arm model from Robopac, which is ideally suited to applications where pallets need to be kept motionless. This extra-wide rotating arm machine involves the pallet remaining stationary whilst a robotic arm encircles it, dispensing stretch film up and down evenly until the pallet is fully wrapped.

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tech specs

accepts any pallet width

Including Euro and CHEPS.

Superior build quality

Intuitive touch screen system for absolute control with ease.

Variable speeds

Between 7-11 arm rotations per minute.

3.5 inch colour display

Easy to use controls to amend settings and parameters.


230 volt single phase, 50/60 Hz.

service contract

Included as standard.

Key Features


a choice of film carriage

Two styles of film carriage are available for our extra-wide rotating arm machine; a manually adjusted core brake system and fixed power pre-stretch system.

The manually adjusted film carriage with mechanical brake has an indicator to display the tension setting. There is also a tension on/off lever to allow the stretch film to be released whilst being attached to the pallet without altering the film tension. This system allows tension to be constant and not affected by the size of the film reel. In contrast, the fixed film carriage operates in a pre-selected gear, chosen from the control panel, of which there are four; 150%, 200%, 250% and 300% power pre-stretch. The tension is controlled by a strain gauge which is adjusted on the control panel.

Further noteworthy features of the rotating arm system include its strength and sturdiness, with the capacity to handle stretch film reels weighing up to 20kg, its easily threaded film insertion system and its perfect pre-stretching mechanism with 'S' shaped path (this combines a larger surface area of film contact on the rollers with a reduced distance between each roller). The film carriage also boasts strategically placed a black photoeye, which accurately detects the height of each pallet in order to dispense only the correct amount of film needed in the wrapping process.

smart wrapping

r-connect technology

Our semi-automatic models can be supplied with R-Connect technology, offering a number of invaluable capabilities. Using this industry 4.0 software, you can monitor your machine's entire performance right from the cloud. This advanced system supplies rich data about your wrapper’s productivity, including the number of pallets wrapped, stoppages, pallets achieved per roll of film and general machine operations. At any time you can access this detailed information at your fingertips. R-Connect also suggests any potential improvements to achieve enhanced performance. Using the detailed analysis available, YPS can look to lower your stretch film micron, heighten stretch capacity or reduce the number wraps; all of which also reduces long-term running costs. Fiinally, R-Connect integration delivers remote assistance from our engineers. This means that we can provide improved maintenance, support and troubleshooting. truly significant when you consider that 90% of issues can often be fixed remotely - preventing unnecessary downtime in your production schedule.

Our extra-wide rotating arm wrappers can wrap pallets of

chemical drums

Products In Sacks


boxed products

mixed pallets



After-sales support from YPS

Our entire range of stretch pallet wrappers are supported by our award-winning backup and support, including three years turntable warranty, three years parts warranty and two years labour warranty as standard. We also include a comprehensive service contract with the sale of every machine, which is unique in our industry.

backup and support
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