Fully Automatic Rotating Arm

Fully Automatic Rotating Arm

Total pallet stability and security at speed.

Worried about the stability of your stacked pallets when being rotated at speed? Our rotating arm models are ideally suited to applications where pallets need to be kept motionless. Your pallets remain stationary whilst a robotic cantilevered arm encircles them, dispensing stretch film up and down evenly until the pallet is fully wrapped. We even have a rotating arm solution for those extra-wide products you would ordinarily struggle to wrap.

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Production capacity of up to 100 pallets per hour with up to 40 rotations per minute.

Wrapping cycles

Dust-proof and water-proof wrapping cycles come as standard.

accepts any pallet width

Including Euro and CHEPS.

Stretch capacity

Powered pre-stretch ratio up to 300%.


Integrates with up and downstream conveyor systems, corner post applicators, top sheet dispensers and more for a turnkey wrapping solution.

Service contract

Included as standard.

Key Features

Unique features

This fully automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating arm feature allows you to obtain a steady and compact packing of any type of palletised load with stretch film, with water-proof and dust-proof wrapping cycles.

The model comprises a pallet lifting feature during the cycle to ensure an even top-to-bottom coverage, a pneumatic top presser, an automatic hooking, cutting and film sealing unit and an arm rotation start and stop feature at low speed, which is controlled by the frequency driver. Optional top sheet dispensers with automatic pallet height detection are available as well as automatic stretch film roll change devices.


Extra wide specification

Our rotating arm wrapper can also be supplied in an extra-wide format. This high-speed model from TOSA is ideally suited to pallets of much larger products, typically used by the building industry for items like doors or lengths of insulation. Pallets stacked with larger products can pose stability issues if spun at speed so the rotating arm model allows the pallets to remain stationary during the wrapping process. A robotic cantilevered arm encircles the motionless pallet dispensing stretch film up and down evenly until the pallet is fully wrapped.

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our rotating arm machines can wrap pallets of

Windows & Doors

Insulation panels

Sanitary units


building products

Automotive products

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After-sales support from YPS

Our entire range of stretch pallet wrappers are supported by our award winning back up and support, including 3 years turntable warranty, 3 years parts warranty and 2 years labour warranty as standard. We also offer a service contract as standard with every machine supplied which is unique in our industry.

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