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Satisfyingly streamlined, our versatile bagging machine solutions boast precision-perfect bagging and labelling capabilities for a wide range of applications. From industrial distribution centres to e-commerce packing stations, our bagging machines are designed to suit any speed and fulfilment requirements. Among our range of industrial bagging machine systems is the Sharp Max Pro 24™, officially the widest bagging unit available on the market, while our horizontal machines pair Hugo Beck’s top-speed bagging with Vulcan’s super-smart labelling systems. The latter system uses Intelligent Motion™ technology to remove 80% of costly wear parts, offering GDPR compliance with one-in-one-out data printing systems. Combined with our flexible material choices, our impressive bagging machines guarantee to maximise efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, all while reducing labour costs and futureproofing organisations.

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Flexo 700 E-COM
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Servo X E-COM Fit
Paper X Hybrid
Sharp SX Bagging Machine
Sharp Max Pro 24 Bagging Machine
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Absolutely. We offer a scheme where our equipment can be hired for a minimum period of three months. If you wish to purchase the equipment after this period, we’ll deduct the hire charges you’ve already paid from the final price, meaning it costs no more than purchasing it outright in the first place. Interested? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss this in further detail.

Both horizontal and vertical processes are styles of automated bagging machines suited to industrial mail order or e-commerce fulfilment applications, but the introduction of product to the bagging machines in each setting is different. Vertical bagging machines are usually hand-loaded - an operator drops a product downwards into an opened bag before it’s automatically sealed. Horizontal bagging involves the product travelling along an infeed conveyor and entering the bagging machine from a horizontal direction before being sealed within a bag material. Horizontal bagging is usually required when production is very high-speed or high volume.



With almost endless possibilities for our bagging machine systems and materials to combine them with, YPS can build the perfect bagging solutions for a wide variety of industries.