Futureproof your wrapping process with a shrink wrapping solution that works exactly how you want it to. Our shrink wrapping machines are suited to an almost endless array of industries, factory layouts, speed requirements, operator capacities and products, streamlining the packaging process for maximum efficiency. With more than 45 years’ experience, YPS are the industry leaders in shrink wrapping machinery - dedicated to saving you time, effort, and costs with precise wrapping solutions. All equipment, new and refurbished, is supplied with our award-winning back-up and after-sales support for complete peace of mind. Explore our range below or contact our expert customer service team to find out more.

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Robust and reliable machinery for display and transit applications

Specialist extra wide, stainless steel, and aerosol-compliant systems

 Fully recyclable polyolefin and polythene films for next day delivery

BRC certified to the highest ‘AA’ standard

Convenient call-off order facility for stable and secure film supply

Service contract included with every machine


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Whether you’re wrapping wide, hefty furniture or fresh food, we can help you find the specific shrink wrapping machine for your precise application. While our L-sealers create glossy, wrinkle-free packaging (wrapping up to 30 packs per minute), our side sealers deliver an even tighter wrap for extra-wide products. Shrink wrap tunnels ensure consistent presentation with accurate temperature controls, and companies shipping directly to customers can benefit from packaging their single, multipack, trayed, or trayless items with our sleeve wrappers.

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Stainless Steel Dairy Systems
High-Speed Flight Bar Sleeve Sealer
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Double Chamber High Speed Shrink Tunnel
Wide Shrink Tunnel
Stainless Steel Shrink Tunnel

Danny Grainger, BT

"We have six YPS shrink wrapping lines comprising side sealers, sleeve sealers and tunnels. which are all easy to operate, robust and reliable."

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Your industry is our speciality. We truly understand sector-specific wrapping requirements and can match our machines to suit any product, collation, speed, or capacity demand.

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Absolutely. Our equipment can be hired for a minimum period of three months. If you wish to purchase the equipment after this period, we’ll deduct the hire charges you’ve already paid from the final price, meaning it costs no extra than purchasing it outright in the first place. Simply get in touch to arrange this.

Overwrapping is a method of display packaging which produces an envelope-fold at each end of the packs. Although very fast, the disadvantage is that overwrapping machinery requires very expensive change parts. Shrink wrapping offers more flexibility as there are no change parts required for the machinery. When wrapping multiple pack sizes, not having to change parts is a major advantage and makes the wrapping process easier. Machine operators can run different pack sizes through the machine without having to alter parts, saving costs on parts and on downtime from changeovers.

Way more cost-effective than cartons, shrink wrapping usually saves between 50-75% on material alone. As a result, many manufacturers and suppliers are beginning to make the change from cardboard boxes to shrink wrapping. Shrink wrapping machines are proven to be more efficient, collating products automatically with the added bonus that there’s no box to erect. Shrink wrapping saves space within the warehouse and distribution process, since one pallet of shrink film is the equivalent to 15 pallets of cardboard. Shrink wrapping machines are also considered more environmentally friendly, as they use less packaging and can be used with our 100% recyclable materials.

Within the general field of shrink wrapping we typically distinguish between two main areas: 

  • Display shrink wrapping is where the aesthetic of the final product is of primary importance. This typically involves the use of polyolefin (PO) shrink film with L-sealers and side sealers. Typical examples would be items such as shrink wrapped calendars, posters, boxed games, and DVDs.

  • Transit shrink wrapping is where the primary focus is to protect and help transport products through the distribution channel safely. For this, we combine polythene (PE) film and sleeve sealers for the wrapping process. A typical example would be a shrink wrapped pack of 24 litre water bottles, or flat-packed furniture being put through a carrier network.

There are a few important differences between the side feed and inline sleeve sealer models:

  • A side feed can provide flexibility due to its pusher plate feature, which pushes the pack through a curtain of film. This offers the potential to wrap trayless packs. Furthermore, side feed models are designed so that you don’t need to worry about gapping the product, but you would have to change parts for different sized packs.

  • An inline sleeve sealer does not require any changeover of parts. It's simpler in many ways as it consists of an infeed belt and outfeed belt with a curtain of film between the two. A slightly faster speed can be achieved on an inline system, but trayless or very small packs cannot be wrapped because they can’t maintain their collation during transition between the conveyors.