Contract Packing

If you’re in the contract packing business, you’ll know how important it is to remain flexible. Today your clients may want foodstuffs wrapped, tomorrow you may be tasked with wrapping hardware parts. Deals and deadlines go hand in hand and production has to be fast yet deliver a perfect finish. It’s essential that your shrink wrapping or bagging machines are truly versatile to accommodate a number of different products and respond to jobs efficiently. That's why we've curated equipment from the world's leading manufacturers that is not only simple and easy to use, but that have a limited need of changeover parts and low maintenance designs. We also offer a number of hybrid machines that can wrap in paper or plastic so you can respond to changing trends on the fly. Our aim is to make your packaging operation run more smoothly and more effectively, with technology that’s designed to increase efficiency and output, reduce labour time and costs, and – ultimately – enhance your revenue.

Why choose YPS for contract packing wrapping applicatons?

Unmatched support

To support any co-packing operation, we offer unlimited operator training, which can be key for shift or temporary workforces in order to get all your staff up to speed on the equipment. Plus our technical team have weekend and evening cover so we can be here for you at every turn.

Speed and safety

Manually wrapping huge volumes of goods for distribution can be a long and arduous endeavour, impacting both output and employee safety. Our automatic wrapping machines take the strain out of packaging whilst ramping up the tempo.

Versatile machinery

We understand the need for flexibility in contract packaging. This is why we offer such a wide range of machines, from horizontal and vertical bagging equipment, to fully and semi automatic pallet wrappers and varied shrink sealers and heat tunnels. Whether you’re packaging individual products or large, bulky pallets, we have the perfect solution for you. For bagging applications, our innovative Paper X Hybrid unit can run both paper and plastic film materials with fast changeovers - ideal for responding to those ever-changing trends!

ancillary options

Alongside our wrapping and bagging machinery, we can also supply and integrate a host of other units into your packaging lines for a totally turnkey system catered to your co-packing needs. We can source, supply and support you with barcode scanners, labellers, box tapers, infeed and outfeed conveyors, packing tables and tin tapers, to name but a few.

Fast material supplies

All of our consumable materials including films, poly bags and papers are usually available with short lead times from our extensive stocks, so if you need a film in a different thickness, spec or width, we've got you covered. Our call-off order facility is also incredibly handy for contract packing firms. Plan for the materials you'll need in future seasons, reserve them with a call-off order and then take them 'on tap' as and when needed with a next-to-nothing lead time.

Machinery hire

We offer a three-month machinery hire scheme that may suit co-packers responding to one-off or limited-time production runs. Should you wish to keep the equipment after the three month period, we will deduct your initial investment from the final cost. meaning it costs you no extra to benefit from this added flexibility option.

Veslava Narkeviciute, Integrated Packing Services

"Considering we have different types of equipment on site, we have experience with other companies, and YPS is always exceptional, proactive and really helpful."

trusted by

our customers

We've worked with countless co-packing firms over the years, from huge multi-national handlers to smaller agents specialising in the wrapping of single product groups. Whatever your contracts, YPS will always add value.

Prakash Mistry, Universal Supply Chain

"As a contract packer, flexibility is of the utmost importance to us. You understood this fully and have always provided us with packaging that reflects this. Every machine we have purchased has been supported with high-quality servicing and the supply of parts, which is critical in an industry like ours when we have deadlines to meet."

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Nev Blacker, Strategy Group

“YPS’ equipment has once again proven itself to be extremely reliable and has performed well 24 hours per day. This is the second year that YPS have supported us through our busy period.”