Paper X Hybrid

Paper X Hybrid

Continuous form, fill and seal machinery for film and paper packaging.

Meet the Paper X series from Hugo Beck: a collection of four high-tech bagging machines designed to wrap products in either paper, plastic or both, that are completely unrivalled in the market. The hybrid models specifically are impressive multi-purpose units that offer the capacity to wrap using both consumables for a flexible, future-proofed process whichever way the trends are shifting. Combining the versatility offered by this powerful solution with Hugo Beck’s craftsmanship for high-speed automation and our outstanding backup and support, it’s easy to see why the Paper X Hybrids are the winning formula for high volume e-commerce bagging - as well as contract packing - applications.

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paper and film

The Paper X Hybrids offer both paper and film packaging in one single unit for the utmost flexibility. Use with coated and uncoated paper packaging from 60 g/m² - 120 g/m² and all plastic films including PO, PE, PP, biofilms, recycled content films and ultra-thin films with thicknesses as low as 7mu.

high-speed continuous production

Attain speeds up to 12,000 packs per hour using paper and 15,000 packs per hour when running shrink film. Without stop-and-go sealing or glueing, maximum efficiency is achieved.

Industry 4.0 Ready

The Paper X machines are easily integrated into existing lines and can be connected with higher-level software systems. Monitoring, analysis and visualisation of the machine operating data is available via the optional Hugo Beck Cockpit.

touch screen controls

Simple and intuitive touch screen control systems and remote diagnostic support.

Fast Changeovers

Changeovers can be performed in 30-60 minutes between materials, resulting in minimal downtime.

Service Contract

Included as standard.

Key Features

The Paper X range can BAG


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Paper X Series

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The Paper X machinery collection includes four models in total, all available from YPS. The standard Paper X features just paper packaging with overlap seals on top, fitting the pack tightly to the pack's width, whilst the Paper X-E-com machine uses only paper materials with overlap seals on top of the pack and adapts the shipping bag size dynamically to the product's width and length. The Paper-X Hybrids are our most flexible machines, packing goods in both paper and film with hot melt seals for paper packaging and overlap top-sealing for plastic film packaging. The Paper X Hybrid Advance additionally offers the capability to create side seals.


Impress With Paper...

Transforming your product offering with paper packaging couldn’t be easier than with the Paper X machines. Both coated and uncoated papers are compatible with the equipment and a wide array of thicknesses ranging from around 60 g/m2 to 130 g/m2 are accepted. YPS are stockists of fully recyclable, sustainable papers in both brown and white specifications and printed designs can also be catered for, should you wish to enhance your branding or display important information on your packs. Furthermore, you can achieve impressive speeds of up to 12,000 packs per hour whilst using paper for a fast, efficient bagging operation.

The machines are able to create different types of paper seams to cater for different products. An extended 'lip' style of seal is possible, as is a simpler ‘overlapping’ style, where a strip of excess paper folds over the opposite side of the pack to enclose the product. It's also possible to create a ‘sleeve’ of paper, a style most typically used for wrapping magazines.

To create these seals on paper materials, small inconspicuous glue dots are neatly applied along the edges of the paper layers which the machine neatly presses together. The addition of this glue does not affect the recyclability credentials of the paper.


...or seal the deal with plastic film

Applicable only for the two Paper X Hybrid models, plastic shrink films and bagging films can also be run, performing exceptionally well. Both centre-folded and single-wound films are compatible, in any micron over 7mu, of any specification and with any percentage of recycled content. Speeds of up to 15,000 packs per hour can be achieved when running shrink film.

Heat seals are formed via top overlapping or side sealing, and packs can be totally enclosed or in sleeves, depending on your requirements.

shrink films

Smooth and simple changeovers

To transfer between the two materials requires only a quick and easy changeover of parts. This process takes on average only 30 to 60 minutes to complete before production can commence once again in your consumable of choice.


A revolution in contract packing

Adopting a Paper X Hybrid machine for your co-packing operation allows you to respond to any and all bagging needs from your clients on the fly. Don't lose contracts because you can't accommodate a material choice, cover all bases with the Paper X Hybrid! Opting for our multi-purpose machines over two separate units running single materials saves your warehouse space and avoids the extra rigours of maintenance that two separate lines entail for a significant ROI. Invest in one powerful all-rounder and rest assured that you have the flexibility to satisfy all of your customer’s differing requirements, regardless of packaging trends.

Pick paper or choose plastic. With the Paper-X Hybrid sealing machines, the choice is really that simple.

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We maintain high stocks of standard and specialist spare parts for all our machines in our internal stores department, ready for fast shipment across the UK. Every YPS machine is supplied with a detailed recommended spares list so you know what parts are best kept on your shelf. Plus, all of our service contract holders receive a generous 15% discount off all spares used, whether ordered by you at any time or fitted by our team during a service visit.

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