The sewing machine.

Using paper, this unit creates stunning sewn edge packs as well as overlapped edge packs for e-commerce, mail order and logistics applications. Detecting each product's length and width, the Paper E-com Fit minimises material waste by selecting the most appropriately sized of the two mounted paper rolls to bag the item, trimming the paper as required to match the product size. Not only does this method reduce overall paper consumption, but it prevents voids and creates tight shipping bags for excellent aesthetic properties whilst allowing for a range of different product sizes to be packaged in a jumble.

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tech specs

Product Dimensions

Accepts products of between 80 - 600 mm long, 80 - 600 mm wide and up to 200 mm high, conforming the bag width to the exact length and width of the product.

Compatible papers

Coated and uncoated from approx. 80 g/m  to 130 g/m 2.


Up to 600 cycles per hour.


Connects to ERP or control systems with remote diagnostics and optional Hugo Beck Cockpit software.

Scan, print & apply labeller

Integrated scanner including controller for product recognition and creation of a shipping label.


For the PPMA Total 'Innovative Packaging Machinery' Award 2022.

Key Features

The Paper E-Com Fit can bag


printed materials

mail orders

retail packs

boxed products

Toys & games

Minimise consumption, maximise efficiency

Dual paper rolls

As a dynamic machine, the Paper E-com Fit can accommodate two paper rolls of different widths, if required. Not only do twin reels of material reduce the amount of time required between changeovers, keeping production flowing for longer, it allows the machine to respond intuitively to each pack running through the line. After scanning the product, the system calculates the width of paper required to encapsulate it, signalling the most appropriately sized paper web to be dispensed and applied. This means that slimline packs will be wrapped with the thinner of the two paper streams and wider packs with the wider paper respectively, preventing excess waste and forming snugly fitting bags regardless of item size. As a result, your production need not be batched into uniformly sized products according to the needs of the material, you can simply let the product dictate the material! This user-friendly, time-saving feature streamlines your operation and negates the need for much operator intervention, as well as reducing the overall paper consumption for cost-saving and sustainability advantages.


Print & Apply Labeller

The Paper E-Com Fit incorporates a sophisticated scan, print and apply labelling functionality, making it your A-Z of e-commerce success. From the product scan at the infeed through to the moment the label is affixed, pack data is synchronised throughout for a 100% accurate, GDPR compliant set-up that won't let you down.

Bag style

sewn and overlapped seals

Parcel delivery networks can really put packaging through its paces. Which is why our Paper E-Com Fit has been designed with highly secure, highly robust strong seals in mind. A combination of sealing types are at play in this process to ensure the utmost efficacy of your shipping bags during their journey; sewn seals and glued overlap seals.

Papers layers cannot be heat welded as there is no bonding agents in their construction. The addition of glue dots or thread does the job well, with the Paper E-Com Fit machine producing two sewn sides and one glued top overlap to properly secure the pack.

Firstly, a paper banderole or ribbon is formed around the product and hot-glued to the upper side. The banderole is adjusted to the product's length and height to suit as part of an automatic process. Secondly, the lateral closing units automatically adjust to the product width for each cycle. At this stage, the two remaining open sides of the paper banderole are closed laterally by means of sewing, left and right. Simultaneously, rotating knives cut off any excess paper trim. The addition of adhesives and stitching does not affect the recyclability potential of the papers. As an option, the machine can create easy-opening perforations and/or apply double-sided adhesive tape for resealing the bag to facilitate easy e-commerce returns.

Regardless of the thickness of paper you choose, whether coated or uncoated, Hugo Beck's sealing systems are proven to achieve pack integrity for a well-protected product in transit, with strong, uncompromising closures.

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We know that most e-commerce operations cannot afford down-time. With our team of highly qualified service engineers and the remote collaboration of our technical colleagues at Hugo Beck, we can offer the ultimate assistance to online retailers. When your production is time-critical, you can rely on our team to be by your side for diagnostic and remedial solutions on the fly. Every Paper E-Com Fit comes with a service contract as standard.

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