standard papers

standard papers

A range of multi-purpose papers suited to diverse applications.

Available as kraft or non-kraft specifications, our all-purpose papers with matt finish are available in unbleached brown specifications as well as bleached white formats. Endlessly flexible and versatile, our standard papers come in a range of widths and thicknesses to suit your needs.

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A choice of colours

Both brown and white papers are available.

Matt or gloss finish

Choose from coated papers that deliver a glossy finish or uncoated for a matt effect.


Designed for use with continuous motion form, fill and seal machinery and horizontal bagging machinery.


Our range of standard papers can be supplied in a wide range of thicknesses, from 60 g/m2 to 130 g/m2.


Our paper rolls can be supplied in widths up to 1000mm.


100% recyclable and 100% plastic-free.

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Our long-fibre sulplate pulp kraft papers boast outstanding machinability, meaning they can be run on a range of bag forming and sealing equipment. They also benefit from high tensile strength, high tear resistance and high stiffness, all of which make them a great choice for e-commerce mailing of a wide range of medium-duty products.

Our standard papers without PE linings can be sealed by two methods, either via an overlapped seal using small glue dots or sewing. Whatever pack style you prefer, papers remain fully recyclable as long as they form at least 95% of the pack's composition.

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We pride ourselves on our 360° philosophy, where we seek to pair the perfect materials with the perfect equipment and support whole the operation with perfect technical expertise. So if you're looking for paper products, speak to us about our machinery recommendations to get the best results for your packs and enlist the help of our engineering team to keep your process running smoothly.

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If you’re looking for a new and improved material packaging solution, arrange a trial with one of our film experts. See your products bagged in our materials either at our showroom in Yorkshire or on-site at your facility. Our friendly team will be on hand to discuss any aspects of your project and answer any questions.

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