Shrink Wrap Tunnels

Shrink tunnels, either double or single chamber, are positioned after a sealing unit in a complete shrink wrapping line. Their purpose is to tightly shrink the plastic film that has been placed around the products in either the bags, sleeves or tubes formed (depending on the style of sealer being used). This is done with the application of heat which reacts with the film to make it shrink down. The use of heat sometimes leads to these machines being called shrink ‘ovens’. Our shrink tunnels can also be supplied individually for a bagging operation.

Roller conveyor systems are deployed for presentation applications, which allows maximum airflow to the underside of the packs for high-quality, consistent results. The rollers rotate throughout in order to transfer the product along, meaning that the pack travels faster than the conveyor itself. This ensures that the underside of the pack is never in constant contact with the belt and prevents markings from being left on the film. This is a clear advantage over cheaper, mesh belt systems. When polythene is being used, we recommend the use of a heavy-duty steel mesh belt which provides pack stability, coupled with under belt and after pack coolers. Our upgraded steel-mesh belts are preferable to tunnel belts that are driven by friction because they will never stretch or need replacing – even after years of production.

We have a range of tunnels to accommodate any speed, any product and any material for a vast array of packaging applications. Harsh environments such as dairies also are accommodated with our stainless steel frame tunnels.

Accurate temperature control ensuring absolutely consistent end pack presentation.

Variable speed control enables you to set the speed to meet the specific production rate required, resulting in optimum pack presentation.

Active rotation conveyor ensuring perfect under pack shrinking and adjustable air flow systems helping to achieve the best possible presentation.

Double insulated curtains improve consistency and energy efficiency whilst reducing running costs.

Solid state relay temperature controllers for improved reliability and accuracy.

Included service contract to deliver long-term hassle-free maintenance.

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