Single Chamber Shrink Tunnel

Single Chamber Shrink Tunnel

Available for polyolefin and polythene applications.

You would typically use Polyolefin shrink film for display packaging applications where the appearance of the product on the shelf is critical. Our heat shrink tunnels for Polyolefin utilise an active rotation conveyor system.

We can also supply our single chamber shrink tunnels in a polythene specification. Polythene shrink film is typically thicker, more durable and it behaves differently in the shrinking process. This means it requires more heat to be applied to activate the shrink. In addition, most packs shrink wrapped in polythene tend to be substantially heavier than packs shrink wrapped in polyolefin, so this is reflected in the specification of the shrink tunnel supplied. A steel mesh belt conveyor is used for these applications.

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tech specs

Available for Polythene & Polyolefin Film

Whatever film your wrapping application uses, we can supply a shrink tunnel to suit.

Variable speed control

Providing complete control of production speeds.

Active rotation conveyor

Ensuring perfect under pack shrinking.

Accurate temperature control

Ensuring absolutely consistent end pack presentation.

Low energy consumption

Well insulated tunnels to prevent heat loss and to maintain power and energy efficiency.

service contract

Included as standard.

Key Features

two specifications

below the belt

The construction behind your shrink tunnel will depend on the application it is intended for, with the main difference relating to the type of conveyor belt used.

For polythene applications - primarily transit packaging purposes - we always recommend a steel mesh belt complete with an under belt blower and an after pack cooler. We incorporate a steel mesh belt with side chains as this is better for heavy packs compared to the cheaper method of using just a friction drive at the end of the shrink tunnel. This is because whilst a friction drive is acceptable for a lot of packs, the belt over time will stretch and with heavier packs in particular this can lead to the need to change the belt. Side chains prevent the belt ever stretching and provide a much more positive method of driving the belt. The under belt blower simply blows cool air onto the belt whilst it completes its full cycle. This prevents a critical temperature being reached on the belt, so that there is no possibility of polythene sticking to the belt if it gets too hot.

For display applications using thinner polyolefin films, we employ an active rotation conveyor belt system, which ensures perfect under pack shrinking is achieved. This is because the pack atop the conveyor actually travels faster than the belt itself, preventing any burn or scorching marks on the film caused by extended contact with the surface of the conveyor. Accurate temperature control is important for absolute consistency of presentation and so “solid state” temperature controllers are used as the most accurate and reliable method to achieve this.

our single chamber shrink tunnels can wrap


Food & Beverage

Pictures & Frames

Personal Care

Printed Materials




Energy efficiency is increasingly important and so all of our monochamber shrink heat tunnels have exceptional insulation allowing us to offer an industry-leading, five-year warranty on the heating elements on all of our tunnels. All are equipped with double insulated curtain material at the infeed and outfeed to maintain the internal temperature whilst allowing products to safely evacuate, reducing running costs. Our shrink tunnels are also complete with an automatic run down timer making operation easier to use and extending the life of the heating elements.

total control, lower costs

These tunnels' variable speed control mechanisms provide complete control of production speeds and the adjustable air-flow system helps to achieve the best possible presentation for shrink wrapped packs. The double insulated curtains at the infeed and outfeed improve consistency and reduce running costs by maintaining internal heat but keeping a cool outer frame for safety.

The after pack blower on the polythene tunnels cool the pack down immediately after it vacates the heat oven. This completes the shrinking process with the film and ensures that the packs reach maximum handling strength in the shortest possible time. Polythene shrink film reaches its full strength potential once it has cooled.

At YPS we have worked with ULMA Packaging, a highly trusted, reliable shrink wrapping machine supplier, for over 45 years and are also able to custom modify shrink tunnels to create a packaging system specific for each customer’s needs or factory layout.

end-to-end service

Back up and support from YPS

We are proud to be unique within the industry for providing a service contract free of charge with every shrink wrapping machine supplied, in order to guarantee complete peace of mind. This service contract is over and above the full parts and labour warranty.

service contracts
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