Automated Bagging Machines

Your bagging process, secure and streamlined. An automated bagging machine is guaranteed to maximise the speed, throughput, and accuracy of any packing station or distribution centre compared to a manual bagging set-up. Whether for B2C e-commerce or B2B fulfilment operations, our automated bagging machines effortlessly handle a wide range of items, from clothing and confectionery to PPE and printed materials. An arsenal of print-and-apply labellers from Vulcan secure data banks and barcode scanners, tuned intuitively and GDPR-compliantly for even the most complex bagging applications. Combined with our wide array of recyclable materials, including shrink films, papers, and poly bags (perfect for use with our horizontal automated poly bagging machines), you can be certain our automated solutions will have your requirements all bagged up.

Genius automated bagging machines with precision-perfect bagging and labelling capabilities for a range of applications.

In-built labelling systems with Intelligent Motion™ technology remove 80% of costly wear parts, also offering GDPR compliance with one-in-one-out data printing systems.

Automatic bag adjustments to fit product lengths, with widest passing jaws on the market.

Save labour costs and bagging waste, while using more eco-friendly packaging materials.

Included service contract to deliver long-term hassle-free back-up and maintenance.

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