Construction & Furniture

When it comes to packaging furniture, DIY or construction products, businesses require robust machines that are capable of wrapping large, heavy items efficiently and safely. Worry not, because our dedicated wide shrink wrapping equipment has it nailed. With upgraded features including extra-wide sealing jaw acceptances, extended height clearances, low level film holders and heavy-duty conveyors, their superior build quality is ready to tackle the packs that other machines can't. Meanwhile, our stretch wrapping machines feature a number of models suitable for construction sized and shaped pallets, where the load remains stationery whilst a rotary arm or ring encases it in pallet wrap safely and securely. With durable materials including polythene films up to 150 micron and extreme stretch pallet wrap films at the ready, YPS is ready to build your ideal packaging solution.

Why choose YPS for construction & furniture wrapping applications?

Wide wrapping expertise

We've supplied wide wrappers for a wealth of construction and furniture applications including sanitary ware, steel profiles, flooring, joinery and timber, insulation panels, flat-packed furniture and windows and doors.

Heavy-duty, sustainable materials

All grades of our robust polythene films are 100% recyclable and are also available with as much as 70% verified recycled content in the blend. The post-consumer waste does not impact the performance or aesthetics of the product in any way. All of our high performance stretch films are also 100% recyclable and can be supplied with recycled content for a truly circular wrapping operation.

Total Enclosure

Most construction and furniture items are expensive and labour-intensive to create. Some joinery products may even be custom-made. That's why it's imperative they are adequately protected when they leave your warehouse and survive the rigours of the transport network intact. Our wide shrink tunnels use smoothing rollers at the exit to ensure packs are totally enclosed in film without bullseyes. This way they will remain safe from dust, dirt and water ingress, as well as cushioned from impact damage.

Demonstrable track record

We know that our larger shrink wrapping machines are a costly investment. To put your mind at rest, we've got plenty of customers who are happy to let you see their wide equipment in action and explain the benefits their business has experienced, so just ask and we can arrange a visit.

safety first

Our wide wrapping machines are guarded well over and above CE regulations for your peace of mind. They employ anti-fall systems for all suspended loads, low-level film holders to avoid operators lifting weighty film reels and hoists. Photocell detectors in the sealer will trigger a shut-down if foreign objects were to enter and full fence perimeters can be installed around the machines if preferred.

Back-up and support

With our award-winning back-up and support, you can benefit from a dedicated team of engineers to resolve any issues or technical questions you have about your wrapping machines, as well enjoy the preventative maintenance delivered by our included service contracts.

trusted by

our customers

We've built impressive packaging propositions for many construction businesses over the years, including these household names and trade specialists.

Andrew Fieldwick, Gopak

“We were not convinced that our style of furniture could survive being put through the carrier network with just a bit of polythene to protect it. By working with YPS, we have totally been proved wrong and I am personally really pleased with the outcome. There are numerous advantages: savings in the cost of packaging materials, warehouse space and improved customer satisfaction.”

Nick Biggs, SAS International

"Your engineer worked safely and would not leave until the machine had been completely tested. A positive experience from YPS all through the process from first point of contact to completion and report."

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Donald Chalmers, Joinery and Timber Creations

"The entire process from enquiry to installation was extremely smooth and well-managed, and over and above this, you also advised us on film matters not just the machinery aspects of our packaging solution."

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