Our versatile e-commerce bag portfolio means that you can select the perfect packaging, whatever the application. With e-commerce poly bags to PE-lined papers, our exceptional quality bagging materials are available in a range of thicknesses, widths, and specifications such as easy-tear perforations and hang holes.

For online businesses wanting to make an impact, our custom printed e-commerce bags can be tailored to your company identity for unique mailers that build a positive brand image from shop floor to front door.

Almost all our e-commerce packaging bags are made from 100% recyclable materials - some poly and paper e-commerce bags even have the option to include a minimum of 30% recycled content. Many materials can also be repurposed as durable return bags, with the simple addition of resealable closing strips. Both pre-opened bags on a reel and fan-folded specifications in a carton are compatible with our market-leading range of e-commerce bagging machines, so you can truly future proof your bagging process with our end-to-end e-commerce services.

Robust and 100% recyclable e-commerce shipping bags to deliver secure, sustainable bagging in a range of thicknesses, widths, and features.

Custom printed e-commerce bags available in a wide range of high-definition colours, logos, barcodes, QR codes, and more.

100% recyclable, even with food-contact-approved PE linings, and when bags have been glued or sewn (<5%).

Both paper e-commerce bags and poly bags compatible with high speed e-commerce machinery and flow wrappers.

Supplied as either fan-folded e-commerce poly bags or pre-opened bags on a reel for flexible machinery applications.



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The UK Plastic Packaging Tax introduced in April 2022 imposes a 'per tonne' levy on manufactured or imported plastic packaging materials that contain less than 30% certified recycled content.
At Yorkshire Packaging Systems, we’ve worked closely with our manufacturing sites to release a range of flexible e-commerce poly bags that contain more than 30% (and as much as 70%) recycled content which are exempt from the tax. Look for the green logo stating 'Also available with recycled content' on our packaging material webpages to identify the conforming products.

Both horizontal and vertical processes are styles of automated bagging suited to a range of e-commerce packaging applications, but the way products are introduced to the machines in each setting is different. Vertical bagging systems are usually hand-loaded, where an operator drops a product downwards into an opened bag before it’s automatically sealed. Horizontal bagging involves the product travelling along an infeed conveyor and entering the bagging machine from a horizontal direction before being sealed within a bag material. Horizontal bagging is usually required when production is very high speed or high volume.

'Fan-folded bags' are laid-flat concertinaed polybags supplied in boxes. The box of e-commerce bags is positioned at the back of the autobagger and the chain of bags is threaded through into the machine via a clam-shell design. The term 'bags on reels' denotes a chain of bags wrapped around a central spool mounted on the machine, and fed directly into the printer. We’d recommend the use of fan-folded bags when the required bag size is especially large, as reel capacities are limited so the use of bags on reels would incur more downtime in production between changeovers.

All of our e-commerce poly bags can be supplied with a number of optional extras. Choose from vent holes (to expel air), hanger holes (for easy retail display), easy-open strips (vertical or horizontal positioning), or reclosable strips which enable consumers to re-purpose the packaging when returning goods - perfect for more companies and customers valuing more sustainable e-commerce mailers.

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