Lidding film

Welcome to LIDTEC®, our ultra-thin lidding films for tray sealing purposes. Dedicated to the fresh and frozen food industries, this top sealing film range from Bollore has been carefully constructed to get the best from your trayed products by extending their shelf lives and delivering exceptional presentation properties. The range incorporates a leak-proof film with hermetic seals for Modified Atmosphere Packaging applications, preventing contamination or spoilage and maintaining hygiene. A barrier option is also available offering oxygen permeability for foodstuffs that need to breathe. Designed for use with PE or PP sealants and a ring of glue, the LIDTEC® solutions create drum-tight packs without distortion from thinner gauge films (compared to laminate alternatives) with high gloss, anti-fog properties and three levels of shrinkage to meet your needs. Lidding films are ideal for whole foods and portions as well as cubed or sliced products.

High definition printing possible for improved branding or to display product information.

Can significantly extend the use-by dates of food for waste prevention and consumer satisfaction.

Tightly shrunk packs enable product protrusion as well as preventing product slippage. Enables vertical stacking for a space-maximising solution for retail shelves.

100% recyclable to LDPE 04.

ideal applications





frozen foods

fresh produce

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