How we work

Our day-to-day activities are guided by the principle that "Your packaging is our priority." When we penned this mission statement, our entire team committed to exemplify this core value at all levels of our business. So you'll see this in the way we endeavour to supply your packaging consumables with speed and efficiency, to the seven days a week cover we employ in our engineering department, to the provisions of free of charge material samples, right down to the helpful, friendly team that answer your calls. We've built our M.O. around being the best packaging partner in the industry for businesses of every size and from any sector. So here we've shared just a few of the customer-centric ways in which we work.

the YPS way

joined up thinking

If you've visited our 'About Us' page, you may already be familiar with our lifecycle philosophy, but it's a key pillar of the way in which we work. We're always keen to help with any aspect of a wrapping or bagging project, whether for materials or machinery, but you'll get the best of YPS from a total solution approach. We can take care of your whole process, handling your machinery, flexible materials, spare parts supply and servicing needs throughout the lifetime of your project. This way you can be confident in our implicit understanding of your requirements and be reassured that you've received a truly tailored solution at every stage.

the YPS way

trial, trial and trial again

We want your packaging to be perfect. So whether its proofing multiple rounds of a printed poly bag design til it's just right, sending you several free small sample boxes of our films to try, conducting numerous demonstrations or film trials with your products on our machines, or commissioning extensive FATs before we sign-off on the manufacture of your machine, we'll always go above and beyond to exceed your expectations with something special. We never limit operator training and we only consider a technical job finished when you are happy. If it's important to you, it's important to us.

the YPS way


Our West Yorkshire location means we are perfectly situated to supply our entire range to any part of the UK and Ireland. Our customers are based far and wide, including the Shetland Isles and even Jersey. We maintain high stocks of our shrink films, stretch films and polybags in our large centrally-located warehouse, which allows us to turn most material and parts orders around for next day delivery wherever you're based, should it be required. Our in-house team of engineers serve the length and breadth of the UK and our account managers will visit your facility wherever you call home, although you're always more than welcome to visit us. When it comes to your packaging satisfaction, we'll always go the distance.

the YPS way

"On Tap" material supplies

Sometimes you may need specific materials at short notice, or perhaps your volume requirements are very high but you lack the storage space to accommodate them. Our call-off orders are the perfect antidote. Simply forecast your usage of a particular product and place an order with our team for its entirety. We'll have the material manufactured to your specifications and hold it, reserved just for you, in our large warehouse facility. That way you've got plenty of stock ready and waiting for whenever you need it. Our call off orders help you beat long lead times, can protect your business against fluctuations in polymer prices and give you peace of mind that your needs can be met at the drop of a hat.

the YPS way

service with a smile

It doesn't take much to deliver service with a smile, but it makes a great deal of difference. Our customers are important to us and we love what we do, so we've got plenty of reasons to be cheery. Whether over the phone, by email, or face-to-face meeting, we endeavour to lead every encounter with a warm, pleasant greeting and maybe a good old cup of Yorkshire Tea. We know that service with a smile, goes that extra mile.



With almost endless possibilities for our wrapping machinery & films, we've got experience in a wide variety of industries.