Side Sealers

Side sealers operate using centre-folded shrink film opened up with the product sat inside, surrounded by three open sides. The machine sealing bar seals the sides which then creates a ‘tube’ of film around the product. As the products then progress through the machine, the back of the pack is ‘cross-sealed’ through the action of the sealing bar coming down to separate one product from the next. Side sealers deliver a totally enclosed pack and usually give a tighter bag than ‘L’ sealers. They also operate at faster speeds than most other shrink wrapping models. A key feature of side sealers is their ability to wrap products of unlimited lengths, unrestricted to the frame size of the sealer.

Our range of premium high-speed side sealers are manufactured in Germany by the world-leading automation specialists Hugo Beck, for whom we are the only UK distributor. They have been designed to pack a wide variety of unlimited length products, using plastic shrink film including polyolefin and polythene, with impressive speeds and absolute reliability. These machines are designed to achieve high production output, even with frequent format changes and over a wide range of product sizes.

Designed to deliver a high-quality aesthetic finish for display packaging applications.

High-speed solutions - with our servo-driven unit achieving up to 100+ wrapped packs per minute.

Flexibility in material choice - designed to run with polyolefin and polythene shrink film.

Intuitive, operator friendly, touch screen control system and kissing conveyors for shrink wrapping extremely small packs.

Automatic setting adjustments with pre-saved configurations.

Included service contract to deliver long-term hassle-free maintenance.

ideal applications

presentation packaging

Retail Packaging

Extra Long Products

Gift Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging

Confectionery Packaging

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