Hugo Beck Servo X

Hugo Beck Servo X

Delivering unbeatable speeds for demanding environments.

The Servo X is the ultimate showstopper in our Hugo Beck German-built side sealer range. The premium unit of choice for high volume applications, the Servo X promises speed, performance and precision. A continuous motion machine, the Servo X continuous motion machine can comfortably achieve capacities of 5,000, 8,000 or 10,000 cycles per hour, depending upon the chosen model and application. If you're looking for a unit that can wrap a wide variety of products with ease and that is ergonomic, flexible and simple to use, the Servo X is the perfect candidate.

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tech specs


Incredible speeds of up to 100+ packs per min or 10,000 cycles per hour.

Dimensions and weight

L x 2.0m W x 1.55m H. 3.2m with a weight up to 1100kg.

Power supply

17 amps, 9.5kW.

compatible materials

PE, PO, PP and Bio films in centerfold or singlewound.

eco-friendly benefits

Minimises trim waste to reduce film consumption by up to 35%.

Service contract

Included as standard.

Key features

our servo x side sealers can wrap

extra-long products

Food & Beverage

Pictures & Frames

Toys & Games

Personal Care


seamless sealing


The Servo x prioritises speed as well as smooth operation. With the assistance of various feeders and infeeds, its servo driven controls can run up to 10,000 cycles per hour seamlessly and effortlessly. The continuous motion mechanism reduces cycle times to a minimum for enhanced speed whilst vacuum belts ensure a tighter bag around products. Suitable for a diverse range of products in singles and stacks, ranging in size from business card dimension right through to windscreen size, this is the most powerful unit in our presentation packaging range.

Making adjustments to the settings between differing pack sizes is straightforward, requiring no change parts. Key parameters can be stored and easily retrieved in the pre-programmable memory. And accessing the inner workings of the unit for preventative maintenance or servicing is made simple via a network of quick-release interlocked guards, so there is no need to dismantle parts. In fact, the Servo X comes equipped with an inbuilt router allowing for full, instantaneous remote diagnostics, so any issues can usually be rectified with minimal fuss. Industry 4.0 ready, the machine is ready to integrate seamlessly with a host of up and downstream line systems and can be connected to higher-level systems with ease.


Material sustainability & cost savings

The Servo X side sealer delivers impressive sustainability credentials. Documented film savings of around 15% can be gained on average compared to competitor machines on the market. When running very long products, even more substantial savings can be made, with up to 35% less film consumption possible.

Due to the continuous packaging process without stop-and-go, and the highly precise synchronisation of the transverse sealing unit with each product, gaps between packs are minimised. This not only ensures high volume production outputs but delivers an extremely close-fitting, precise and film-efficient pack. Furthermore, a servo X with a top or bottom overlap instead of side or bottom cut seal also prevents additional waste film trim (as well as leading to even higher machine uptime since there is no need to remove and dispose of any film strips). Because less film overall needs to be shrunk, the Servo X ensures a better aesthetic finish whilst reducing the energy requirements of the shrink tunnel.

Representing a great payback on your investment, the initial cost of the continuous servo X film packaging machine compared to an intermittent machine are recuperated in as little as 18 months through the significant film savings. In applications with a a high cycle output, and for example, a three-shift operation, the annual film saving also increases to a considerable extent.

Just one highly utilised servo X sealer can provide savings in terms of manpower, maintenance, energy costs, space requirement etc. when compared for example to two intermittent side sealers.

Simple to use

The Servo X offers extremely fast format changeovers on a wide variety of products without the need for any tools thus reducing machine downtime. Our customers have found this high level of flexibility incredibly valuable. The machine is operated via a touch screen with simple operator guidance system. The system boasts options for automatic, motorised height adjustment of cross sealing, side sealing and forming shoulder. In addition corrections to the setup can be made from the display during the machine operation without the need to stop production.


Flexibility in material choice

Experience the ultimate in flexibility and control. A plethora of materials are compatible with the Servo X, from polythene, polyolefin, polypropylene, ultra-thin films and biofilms, the choice is yours. Whatever films you use, you're certain to see high quality results with the Serxo X and an incredible visual presentation for your packs.

Hugo Beck have always recommended the use of shrink films manufactured by Bollore, who are widely regarded as the world leaders in thin film technology. As the UK's only distributor of Bollore films, YPS can pair your Hugo Beck wrapping lines with Bollore's flexible film tech for unrivalled performance and results. All of our exceptional shrink films are available for next day delivery from stock.

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Backup and support

Any downtime on a high-speed line is magnified greatly compared to a low-speed line and so for this reason backup and support – should it be needed – must be first class. With any issue the first step is diagnosis and so all Hugo Beck equipment has a built in router allowing YPS or the Hugo Beck team in Germany to dial directly into the machine and investigate the equipment remotely. This can be done in minutes and allows in many instances the issue to be fixed remotely. Once diagnosis is complete, full on-site engineering support is provided to solve issues if required. At YPS, we are the proud winners of the PPMA customer service award which recognised our investment in and commitment to technology for improved backup and support.

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