Achieves faster speeds without the need for an operator.

With increased automation comes increased speeds. Our fully automatic L sealers are loaded with intuitive features which enable faster sealing and shrinking without compromising on the professional finish of packs. Photocell product detection, multi-pack detectors, film tracking devices and inverter driven infeed and outfeed belts ensure a multitude of packs can be wrapped consistently at speed without requiring operator intervention.

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tech specs

Maximum Speeds

Achieve up to 30 wrapped packs per minute.

compatible materials

Polyolefin shrink film, Polyethylene and PVC.

A choice of framework

Available in mild and stainless steel.

power and air requirements

Up to 5.2 amps, 4 kW, 3 Phase. 250 litre per minute at 6 BAR.

Dimensions and weight

Maximum weight up to 760 kg. Available in two sizes, either with a length of 2.2m by 1.70m wide and 1.6 m high or 1.9 metres long by 1.6 m wide and 1.6m high,

service contract

Included as standard.

Key features

our automatic L sealers can wrap

Food & Beverage

Pictures & Frames

Toys & Games

Personal Care

Printed Materials



As an upgrade from our combination unit L Sealer, our fully automatic L sealer has been designed to be used without operators to ramp up the speed capacity. With products fed automatically instead by an inline conveyor and automatically detected by the sealer, there is no downtime in the process. Product separation photocells, multipack detectors and product alignment guides also regulate the product flow automatically and ensure absolute consistency as well as speed.

Available with two sizes of L sealer frame to facilitate most applications, our fully automatic machines offer an effective and efficient solution where a human-controlled heat-shrink process doesn’t provide high enough speed or throughput. Shrink wrapping speeds of up to 30 packs per minute are comfortably achieved with this machine.

product details

unique features

There are a number of unique features making our Automatic L Sealers one of the most versatile on the market.

Of particular interest is our height adjustable sealing system, which provides improved plastic film pack presentation and flexibility on high products. Plus, the inverter driven variable speed infeed and outfeed conveyor belts provide complete flexibility and control when wrapping unstable products. Meanwhile the “kissing” conveyor system allows small packs to be wrapped with ease, maintaining their shape as they progress through the line and the unique automatic tracking device ensures an easy, correct set-up with minimum operator intervention.

For total precision and improved pack presentation, various features are incorporated. A three position sealing head allows for tighter bags to be formed around products of any size to create a neater shrink whilst a pneumatic hole punch creates evenly-spaced perforations that precisely control air evacuation to improve consistency of shrinkage when compared to spiked roller systems. Strong, robust seals are of course guaranteed for every pack. The fully automatic L Sealer also boasts an easy to use eye level operator interface offering total control of parameter adjustments and set-up as well as speed control for the different motors.

extremely reliable

Automatic L Sealers are easy to use and extremely reliable, and have become one of our most popular models for medium speed display packaging applications. A good quality effect is always achieved using either polyolefin or polythene shrink film.

complete solution

Shrink tunnel

YPS has a shrink tunnel to complete every shrink wrapping line, including our fully automatic L sealers. Our range of tunnels are designed to give optimum control and consistency through the use of upgraded heating elements that are so reliable they come with a five year warranty as standard. The use of an active rotation shrink tunnel belt ensures perfect results on the underside of the pack where lower cost mesh belts can mark the film on the pack.

To complement each machine, we also supply high quality shrink wrap film, including polyolefin, polythene and even bio-based shrink plastic depending upon application type.

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