Cross-linked shrink film

Our product portfolio includes solutions for even the most specialist of requirements, including our cross-linked extra tough, multi-layer shrink films. Cross-linked films have added strength compared to standard polyolefin films as they are created with an extra process during manufacture that bonds several layers of shrink film sheeting together, adding strength and durability. This process also offers the potential to input anti-fog additives, especially useful for some food applications. The cross-linked polyolefin shrink films from Bollore are the only polyolefin films of this type in the world which are LDPE-04 recycling certified.

Our BRX film is specially designed to wrap products that can easily distort due to its low shrink force properties and is particularly effective for thin products. Meanwhile, the high impact BZ shrink films are designed to be tough enough to wrap irregularly shaped items and resist puncture from packs which may have sharp edges. Both specifications are BRC approved from manufacturing through to storage and distribution.

Multi-layer constructed films that adapt to irregularly-shaped or easily distorted items.

Outstanding clarity and optics for a brilliant pack presentation.

Bollore’s cross-linking process increases film strength and toughness, while also providing strong and secure seals. This results in greater impact resistance and product protection during shipping and retail display.

100% recyclable to LDPE 4, with the option to include recycled content polymers in the blend.

ideal applications

Irregular shapes

soft paper items

sharp items


retail packs


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