Vertical Bagging Machines

We've partnered with the globally-renowed manufacturer Sharp to bring to market an outstanding range of vertical bagging machines for B2C e-commerce and B2B fulfilment applications. Designed to increase packing speeds, output, efficiency and accuracy whilst reducing costs in labour, consumables and secondary packaging, our automated vertical bagging machines are guaranteed to streamline your dispatch process. Combined with our impressive choice of poly mailing bags, our vertical bagging machines will deliver impressive results for your business and enhanced satisfaction for your customers.

The range features the MAX PRO 24, officially the widest bagging machine on the market.

Our vertical bagging machines can achieve top speeds of up to 50 bags per minute.

Seamless integration possible with upstream and downstream equipment including infeed and outfeed conveyors and bowl feeders.

The vertical bagging machines boast direct high-definition on-bag printing to negate secondary labels.

Included service contract to deliver long-term hassle-free maintenance.

Vertical Bagging Machine Applications

Our automated vertical bagging machines are a wise investment for a diverse spectrum of businesses packaging small to medium products. We’re talking automotive and aerospace parts, hardware, fasteners, pharmaceutical and cosmetic items, service kits, hobby and craft objects, shoes and apparel, as well as various e-commerce products. Whether you’re bagging single items like a computer part, or a collection of items like hinges, washers and screws for flat-packed furniture, our units will make the process a breeze. We can even create compartmentalised packs where items are contained separately from other products in the bag, preventing scratches from occurring during transit. Whatever your product, purpose or pack requirements, we’ll have a vertical bagging machine to suit.

Vertical bagging machines

Choose the right vertical bagging machine

Various factors come into play when choosing the best vertical bagging machine. Speed requirements, product size, level of automation needed, warehouse space constraints and of course budget. Our entry-level model is the Sharp SX, a smaller table-top model that’s simple to operate, capable of speeds up to 35 packs per minute and accepting of products as wide as 114mm. The Max 12 is a more sophisticated system that still delivers simplicity and high performance, but claims the title of fastest bagger in our range and occupies a larger footprint, being a standing model. The Max Pro 24 meanwhile is our most advanced vertical bagging machine, boasting a wealth of cutting-edge Maxwell tech, intelligent reporting and diagnostic features, precision photo eye bag length detectors and a warehouse-friendly ambidextrous design. It’s also the widest bagging unit on the market, able to bag up to two shoeboxes size by side. Although it’s the priciest bagger in our vertical bagging machines range, the Max Pro 24 delivers a fast payback on investment to demanding warehouses.

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