Bagging Success FOR LDL Components

We are pleased to announce the supply of a vertical bagging solution to LDL Components Ltd based in Hadfield.

LDL are the leading distributors of Blum lift, hinge, drawer and runner systems for the UK's kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms market. They also supply Peka storage solutions and Furnipart handles and have built a well-earned reputation for service, brand confidence and premium parts that are built-to-last.

Since 2016, when we supplied a sleeve sealing line to the business, LDL Components have enjoyed the benefits of a high-performance shrink wrapping operation supported by exceptional engineering service and consumables. So when a new bagging requirement arose in August 2021 as part of LDL's new specialist distribution service - which specialises in bespoke packing for large volume manufacturers and retail studios - the component specialist reverted to us once again to achieve a superior result. The application required manual collation of Blum components to create high-quality hinge and lift system packs, containing all the parts needed by fitters to complete their tasks, from hinges and mounting plates to the tiny wooden screws. These were to be picked by an operator, bagged and then collated in boxes ready for shipment to the appropriate distribution centre and onward retailers. Historically the natural solution for LDL would have been to outsource these projects to contract packing firms, but for greater control of quality, cost and process the firm insisted that the operation be managed in-house.

To achieve these goals and meet the scale of demand, LDL required a fast and efficient automatic bagging machine that would manage the volume yet provide a quality polybag material and improve the environmental credentials of the solution for their clients. Following a successful on-site demonstration, we delivered and installed not one but two Sharp SX tabletop autobaggers to LDL in early September.

The SX machines incorporate a simple light curtain initiation system to achieve a hands-free method of sealing operation, allowing for significantly increased packing speeds and efficiency. Additionally, the inbuilt thermal transfer printers deliver direct on-bag printing of barcodes and product information whilst batch counters ensure the accurate fulfilment of each production run. The units also boast a user-friendly touchscreen HMI for easy adjustments to settings and an extra-wide passthrough, which offers LDL the flexibility to bag multiple sized packs.

We are also supporting LDL with the ongoing supply of fully recyclable white and clear polybags. The white side of the bag is used to display printed information and offers good barcode readability whilst the clear side facilitates easy inspection of the contents. The polybags contain a minimum of 30% recycled material, meaning that they are not only exempt from the UK Plastic Packaging tax, but that they help to meet LDL’s wider sustainability goals. Furthermore, each bag incorporates a flutter vent to ensure that air is fully expelled following the sealing process to achieve a void-free, slimline pack and improved presentation.

Since installation, LDL have achieved impressive packing speeds of up to 12 bags per minute from each unit, allowing them to comfortably meet the requirements of their client contracts (6 different components with a total quantity of 14 per bag). The business also reports a considerable cost saving from bringing the operation in-house against outsourcing the project and by circumventing the co-packing process have benefitted from not only increased autonomy, but reduced lead times and enhanced pack quality, ultimately translating to improved customer satisfaction.

Simon Noble, operations director at LDL Components has praised YPS for the speedy implementation of the bagging systems and the after-sales support received.

From the moment the first bagger was demonstrated it was clear it was the ideal system for our needs. I signed off on the project there and then and we kept the trial machine, ordering a second before the close of the meeting. Everything was installed and set-up within 14 days from the date we enquired which was very impressive. Plus, the service contract YPS included has afforded us total peace of mind in the longevity of the operation.

Tom Hill, our bagging specialist added:

I’m delighted that LDL Components have seen such great results from our SX autobaggers and recycled content polybags. As the premium supplier of component furniture parts it was imperative that their packs had a premium finish and so I’m pleased we have been able to deliver that. I look forward to a long-term relationship supporting LDL as they continue to grow and go from strength to strength in the industry.

LDL's benefits at a glance

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eco-friendly packaging

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no secondary packaging

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