Sharp SX Bagging Machine

Sharp SX Bagging Machine

All-electric desktop bagging unit.

Our Sharp SX bagger has been designed to offer improved throughput and speed to hand loaded packing applications, whilst remaining user-friendly and easy to operate. This compact tabletop system boasts an integrated thermal transfer printer for direct on-bag printing of batch codes, QR codes and bar codes, negating the need for secondary labels and offering an improved aesthetic and branding potential. This functionality makes the machine ideal for a number of applications including e-commerce, mail order fulfilment, hardware packs and many more. Its innovative 'next bag out' feature also ensures zero bag wastage, as well as eliminating product queueing for mail fulfilment applications.

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tech specs

Dimensions and weight

This compact and ergonomic tabletop unit measures 749mm long x 711mm wide x 558mm high. Weighing only 63.5kg, the SX's lightweight construction makes this a flexible, mobile solution for any warehouse with space constraints.

Rate speed

You can achieve 35 packed bags per minute with the SX.


The SX can run a wide variation of bag dimensions, ranging from 50mm-280mm wide and 100mm-812mm long. This is the only desktop machine capable of running such bag variances.

All-electric system

A 'plug and play' design with 230v 3 pin plug requirements. No need for compressed air.

extra-wide passthrough

Offers a wide aperture with a 114mm pass-through, the largest of any desktop bagging machine on the market.

Service contract

Included as standard.

Key Features


multiple savings in the bag

The SX autobagger will help your business achieve savings across multiple KPIs, representing a very short return on investment. The high speed and capacity of the SX bagger can substitute the output of as many as three manual packing operators, equating to significant savings in labour costs. With the ability to fulfil mail-order shipments 80% faster than manual packing methods and impressive throughput increases of up to 61% have been documented. Additionally, material cost savings are achieved as secondary packaging like paper labels or stickers are negated due to the internally mounted thermal transfer inkjet ribbon which prints any desired information up to 104mm width directly onto the shipping bag in a consistently high clarity, high-resolution format. The system boasts an intelligent ‘ribbon out’ sensor which prevents wasted ribbon, equating to a further saving on consumables.

Incredibly easy to use

The day-to-day operation of this automatic bagging machine couldn’t be simpler. Bags are easily threaded at the rear via the 'clamshell' design, the selected information is printed directly onto the surface and then each bag is opened automatically ready for products to be hand-loaded inside. Once loaded, a photobeam sensor initiates the bagging cycle for considerably improved packing speeds compared to manually activated sealing alternatives with push-bars, palm switches or foot pedals. The bag is perfectly sealed and secured, ready for postage.

For the ultimate flexibility and convenience, the SX is fully electric and can be plugged into any standard power outlet. You can forget about compressed air requirements; a cross-flow fan channels high volume, low-pressure ducted air for precise bag opening without any fuss.

Several inbuilt features facilitate easy loading of packs, such as a 90° rotation capability for horizontal loading if required and adjustable height settings for the unit. An optional, fully adjustable load shelf can also be supplied for simple handling of heavier or bulky items. Intuitive self-diagnostics allow any issues to be identified and rectified quickly and easily whilst the touchscreen allows for speedy changeovers in bag specification settings. Meanwhile. upgraded models come with an Auto-Rol™ tension system which guarantees consistent web flow and eliminates any breakage.

The Sharp SX can bag


Printed materials


Mail Orders



Simon Noble, LDL Components Ltd

"From the moment the first bagger was demonstrated it was clear it was the ideal system for our needs. I signed off on the project there and then and we kept the trial machine, ordering a second before the close of the meeting. Everything was installed and set-up within 14 days from the date we enquired which was very impressive."


Back up and support

Our priority is ensuring that you have total peace of mind and confidence in your equipment. That’s why YPS are proud to provide a service contract free of charge with every machine, which is unique in our industry. Service contracts provide regular preventative maintenance from our team of expert in-house engineers, keeping your machinery operating at peak performance and guaranteeing its longevity. As such, YPS have been recognised with PPMA industry awards for exceptional after-sales service and support – why not put us to the test?

service contracts
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