bespoke application poly bags

bespoke application poly bags

A range of dedicated bags for specialist applications.

Looking for bespoke polybags to pack specialist products or withstand harsh environments and temperatures? We can cater for any bespoke requirement with our range of VCI, anti-static, gamma-patient and non-scratch bags. Typically products requiring these materials are high value specialist items and so ensuring their preservation and protection in transit with a bespoke bag solution prevents costly damage and returns.

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tech specs

Printing capacity

All bespoke bags are suitable for press printing and thermal transfer imprinting.

A suite of specialist properties

Each bag in our bespoke range has been designed to solve a specialist need.

100% recyclable

For circular economy goals.


Available in widths between 50mm and 610mm wide.


Thicknesses between 25mu to 150mu.


Supplied on a reel or fan-folded in cartons.


specialist specs

  • Gamma bags are perfect for medical products due to their anti-microbial properties. Ideal for syringes, implants, surgical gloves and any application where sterilisation is required.

  • Electrostatic discharge (anti-static) bags are ideal for the protection of electronic hardware parts, components and kits where static dissipation is required. They are available in clear, traditional pink tints and opaque colours.

  • Non-scratch bags are a highly durable solution, containing little to no anti-block additives. This makes them suitable for packaging products which are sensitive to scratching. Their embossed inner surface is tough yet non-abrasive. Non-scratch bags are typically used to pack high value items such as jewellery, electronic devices and eyewear, preventing damage in transit and therefore limiting costly returns.

  • VCI (vapour corrosive inhibitor) bags prevent the corrosion of ferrous metals and various other metal parts from oxidisation and rusting and prevent the degredation of electrical or mechanical components. No oil or VCI residue is ever transferred to the product from the bag, avoiding contamination. VCI bags will protect your products under most conditions which eliminates the need for costly coatings. Their use is best suited for ornamental iron products, automotive parts, and medical items as well as packs being shipped overseas which may be subjected to temperature variations in different settings. VCI bags are available in clear, tinted and opaque colours.

our bespoke application poly bags can bag



metal parts

medical items


Automotive parts

green credentials


Our specialist polybags can help you achieve your greener goals.


  • Lightweight to reduce shipping weights.

  • Reduce consumptions of void-fill material.

  • Reduces avoidable returns compared to boxes, being waterproof and non-tear.

  • Negates the need for paper labels through direct on-bag printing.


  • Polybag mailers can incorporate reclosing tape to double up as returns bags.


  • Our bespoke application polybags are 100% recyclable.



Our extensive warehouse enables us to store plentiful stocks of polybag materials for fast delivery across the UK, alongside a convenient call-off order system. Each and every bag comes with BRC approval from manufacture right through to distribution as well as full traceability. We're happy to supply complimentary samples of any polybag specification and we can conduct trials with your products on our bagging machines to demonstrate the YPS difference.

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If you’re looking for a new and improved material packaging solution, arrange a trial with one of our film experts. See your products bagged in our materials either at our showroom in Yorkshire or on-site at your facility. Our friendly team will be on hand to discuss any aspects of your project and answer any questions.