Wide Shrink Wrap Machines

Wide Shrink Wrap Machines

World-leading shrink wrappers for larger or heavier products.

We understand that large and heavy products generate specialist considerations for your transit packaging systems. You need to create robust, well-protected packs whilst mitigating any risks to your operators during the wrapping processes. That's why each model in our range of wide shrink wrap machines have been specially designed to wrap large, heavy packs with ease whilst putting the safety of your staff first, for your complete peace of mind. With over 45 years of expertise and experience, we have become the supplier of choice for many trade and household names in the flat-packed furniture, insulation, doors, automotive, sanitary ware, panels and building product sectors. Choose YPS for safe, reliable production with guaranteed product integrity. View our full range of shrink wrapping machines here

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tech specs

Accomodates very Wide packs

Machines in this range accept packs as wide as 3 metres.

Heavy duty sealing system

For thick gauge shrink film.

Upgraded conveyor belts

Perfect for heavy products.

Bespoke designs available

For your specific product requirements.

Utmost safety

Superior interlocked guarding, anti-fall systems for all suspended loads, low-level film holders, perimeter safety fencing and total conformance with CE and UKCA markings.

service contract

Included as standard.

Key Features


All of our wide wrapper models enjoy a rigorous, heavy-duty build specification in order to wrap the widest of products smoothly and safely. Boasting motorised, height-adjustable sealing jaws constructed for low maintenance operation and controlled via an intuitive interface panel, the machines in this range achieve the strongest of seals for your packs time after time. The method is simple; the product is simply placed onto the conveyor belt and easily driven through the machine under its own weight where a push action typical of a side feed heat sealer is not required.

The machinery's powered film carriages are situated at low levels for the safest loading and unloading and both film reels are situated at waist height for easy access as well as fast, efficient set up. Both of these film feeds are fitted with accoustic and visual signalling systems to alert your operators when the film requires replacement.

The speed of the powered infeed and outfeed belts are fully adjustable via inverter and each product is detected automatically at the sealer entry by photocells. The wide shrink tunnel boasts adjustable airflow for exceptional shrinking properties and the double insulated tunnel walls ensure reduced electricity consumption but a cold external frame for safety.

A mounted double fan at the tunnel exit and undercoolers render wrapped packs safe to dismount and tamping rollers guarantee totally enclosed packs for security and integrity and the prevention of water ingress.

Furthermore, our wide wrappers employ the fastest automatic film roll change-over system designed especially for large packages, which guarantees the replacement of film rolls in 10 seconds without intervention from the operator. This features optimises the system's production capacity with an average annual increase of 810 hours.


safety first

Our wide wrapping lines are always fully guarded for complete peace of mind and operator safety, exceeding all UKCA regulations. The presence of photocell detectors in the sealer entry recognise products distinctly from foreign objects or operator encroachment and will commence shut down in this instance. A fully interlocked floor-mounted 'fence' can be installed around the full perimeter if required, as well as a hoist for the transmission of the shrink film reels - which can weigh as much as 180kg each - from pallet to machine. Where most standard inline machines operate with the top web of film located at a higher level than the bottom roll, the wide wrapping machines utilise a low, ergonomic film roll loading zone outside of the security area of the machine, where both film rolls are mounted at floor level for safety. This negates many risks of manoeuvring these wide, heavy film reels into place. Stairs with a handrail can also be incorporated for easy access to the sealing bar area during maintenance or when threading new rolls of film.

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heavy duty requirements

A market-leader for building industries

Our wide wrapping equipment is used in construction businesses across the UK for heavy-duty products including plasterboard sheets, concrete foundations, windows and doors, joinery, tiles and pipes. For the insulation market in particular our wrapping equipment is considered the gold standard.

Tim Herbert, Wickes

"Thanks for supplying us with one of your wide wrappers for wrapping our doors. This equipment is crucial to our operation at Wickes and with the high volume of work we do it was essential that we found a robust solution. From start to finish you expertly understood our needs."

complete solutions

films for larger packs

YPS can complement any wide shrink wrapping system with the supply of BRC accredited polythene shrink film, in thicknesses up to 150mu. Designed for use on our wide inline wrapping units, our polythene specifications will ready your large packs for a number of challenges, preventing impact damage, maintaining a waterproof layer and creating product bundles. Durable and yet lightweight enough to withstand any carrier network, our polythene films are 100% recyclable post-use and can be supplied with recycled content.

To handle these thicker films, our sealing system comprises of a heavy duty Teflon coated sealing blade. This provides the best system for obtaining a strong ‘fin’ seal, especially on very thick polythene shrink wrap over 100mu which our wide systems tend to use.Minimal day-to-day maintenance is required to maintain peak performance. YPS blades will last for 10-15 years in normal operation as long as they are not cleaned with anything abrasive.

polythene shrink film

our wide shrink wrapping machines can wrap



insulation panels

windows & doors

boxed products


wide wrapping success

Hammonds Furniture

Thank you for all your efforts in implementing our new packaging line for our fitted furniture - the benefits the equipment has brought to our business cannot be overstated. The machinery now means we have the capacity to wrap our very largest sized furniture, something we have never had the capacity to do before.

Dave Linforth, Hammonds Furniture

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We’re proud to say that over 45 per cent of our business each year comes from returning customers who have been delighted with both the machine they received and the first-class support offered.

We are unique within the industry for providing a service contract free of charge with every machine supplied, offering you extra peace of mind.

service contracts
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If you’re considering a investment in new technology, come and visit our showroom in Yorkshire and see our machines in action. Our friendly team will be on hand to discuss any aspects of your project and answer any questions.

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