Inline Automatic Sleeve Sealer

Inline Automatic Sleeve Sealer

Achieves faster speeds for packs with long profiles, singles and trayed collations.

For many applications, an inline or side feed sleeve sealer could be used interchangeably, with warehouse configuration or space constraints dictating the ultimate choice. However, where inline sleeve sealers come into their own is for larger or longer pack requirements, which side feed sleeve sealers typically cannot accommodate, or for applications of standard sized packs where speed is especially important. Available in a variety of widths up to three metres, the inline collection caters for just about any sized product.

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tech specs


Up to 600 cycles per hour depending on product.

Dimensions and weight

Has a maximum weight of 520kg with 3 choices of frame sizes. All have measurements of 2.2m long by 2.05m high and the available widths are 1.25m, 1.45m or 1.65m.


Can be fed manually or from a conveyor synced with upstream machinery, offering a labour-saving option.

Power supply

Up to 5.2 amps, 4kW, 3 phase.


No change parts required between differing packs or batches.

Service contract

Included as standard.

Key features

our inline sleeve wrappers can wrap

Food & Beverage

building materials


extra-long products

trayed items

Printed Materials


opt for simplicity

Simplicity is a standout feature of the inline models. Incredibly easy to operate, packs are simply fed onto the machine in a linear direction and driven uniformly from sealer, to tunnel, to outfeed. This straightforward design allows for longer profile products like building materials, pipework, panels, rolls of carpet or lengths of fabric to be wrapped with ease. Automatic detection of packs is facilitated with a photocell for an automatic seal cycle start. Please note that trayless or very small packs cannot be wrapped on this machine without the optional kissing conveyor, as they would not maintain their collation as they transferred from the infeed to outfeed conveyor.


built for speed

The straight configuration of our inline models not only accommodates for longer packs, but faster speeds to be achieved. With a height-adjustable sealing jaw that can be set just high enough to clear the packs being wrapped, speeds can be further enhanced. For shallow products this can equate to sizeable upturns in running speeds as the intervals between seals are reduced compared to a fixed position sealing jaw. Furthermore, switching between different products or collations requires only a simple tweak of the machine's settings with no changing of parts for a fast operation with minimal downtime.

Despite its speed, product flow in the oven is totally smooth. The modular design of our inline sleeve wrappers is such that an independent sealer and tunnel are used, preventing a stop-start motion as packs are sealed one by one. Every pack spends an equal amount of time being shrunk inside the tunnel. This delivers an absolute consistency of finish, time after time. A pneumatic presser can also be deployed over the outfeed conveyor belt to hold products in place during the cutting and sealing process.

Adrian Simmonds, Polypipe

"Our old system was unreliable with the quality of pack deteriorating. The YPS machine has improved packing speeds and quality and is 100% reliable."

Malcolm Forward, The Decorative Panels Group

"The shrink wrap machinery we bought has proved to be a success, just as expected. We are getting higher output, better presentation and lower costs of film than with our previous machine. From all at DPC, thanks for your help in guiding us to the correct solution."


Part and parcel of our service

We maintain high stocks of standard and specialist spare parts for all our machines in our stores department, ready for fast shipment across the UK. Every YPS machine is supplied with a detailed recommended spares list so you know what parts are best kept on the shelf. Plus, all of our service contract holders receive a generous 15% discount off all spares used, whether ordered by you or fitted by our team during a service visit.

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