Stainless Steel Dairy Systems

Stainless Steel Dairy Systems

High-speed sleeve sealers built for demanding dairy or bottling environments.

With approximately 15 billion litres of milk produced annually in the UK, the commercial dairy industry is relentlessly high demand and high volume. Dairy wrapping machinery must provide speed, precision, high capacity and long-term reliability. Integration with high speed fillers, capping machines, bottle turners, labellers and diverters can also come into play in dairy projects.

Our range of dairy shrink wrappers represent the creme de la creme of beverage automation. Manufactured from food-quality stainless steel, and built for total reliability, low maintenance and long-term durability, the machines in this range can achieve significant speeds of up to 200 wrapped bottles per minute. We can also offer machines in both side feed (single or double entry) and inline configuration. View our full range of shrink wrapping machines here

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tech specs

Low voltage, waterproof electrics

Allows the machinery to be washed down easily and without risk as well as maintaining safety in the event of a spillage.

High-speed, low maintenance sealing jaw

Delivers perfect jaw alignment and the strongest possible seal for heavy packs.

Powerful turbo cooling fans

In the shrink tunnels, to ensure finished packs reach the maximum handling strength as quickly as possible.

Twin or single lane infeed

Single lane systems achieve speeds of up to 140 wrapped bottles per minute whilst twin lane systems achieve speeds of up to 200 bottles per hour.

Minimal change parts

For reduced downtime between varied collations and pack sizes.

service contract

Included as standard.

key features


robust construction

Finished in full stainless steel bodywork and housing low voltage IP65 rated electrics, our 'SS' dairy range is wash-down friendly and completely safe to use in any food-packing environment, helping to maintain the utmost hygiene during production. The sealing head assembly can be easily and quickly removed from the machine for cleaning, which is invaluable but also unique in the industry,

Furthermore, our stainless dairy lines utilise a very heavy-duty, low-maintenance sealing jaw to create consistently strong seals for packs - important when you consider the heavy weights that multipacks of milk can reach. The upgraded steel mesh belts on these machines provide years of functionality and strength to handle even the most intensive production schedules.

Completing the build are pack counters and line clamps for a seamless operation. The user-friendly touchscreen controls allows for total control and precise alterations to settings, with everything from tunnel temperature, jaw dwell times and pneumatic actuator timers fully customisable from the password-protected interface. Parameters can be saved and retrieved at just the touch of a button and optional remote access can be activated, allowing our team of skilled engineers to provide support at any time, from anywhere.

Impressive speeds

For dairies, speed is of the essence. That's why our dairy machines boast servo-driven speeds and extensive throughput on both twin and single lane units. Utilising a variable speed infeed conveyor, shown to increase production speeds by almost 40%, the system individually counts packs as they are fed into the collation area, allowing for a significant increase in speed. Thanks to this effective collation design, our milk machines can comfortably wrap 140 bottles per minute. However, by utilising our twin lane diverter system and double lane infeed conveyor, we can achieve speeds of up to 200 bottles per minute. The height adjustable sealing jaw also ramps up speeds by minimising intervals between seals on shallower packs. Coupled with an extended shrink tunnel which allows packs to travel faster through than standard tunnels, up to 20 collations per minute can be wrapped dependent on the exact collation required.

In addition our dairy sleeve wrappers can be manufactured with single or twin side entry in both left and right hand configurations in order to support any factory layout.


simple changeovers

Our equipment offers not only impressive speeds, but total versatility to any dairy or bottling plant. With the ability to produce a wide array of pack collations using a combination of pack counters, line clamps and pre-programmable single and double pushes, these machines are indispensable for businesses wrapping differing bottle sizes and fulfilling a range of pack formats. To alternate between different packs and formations, changeovers are swift and easy to carry out, using only a handful of 'drop-on' parts as opposed to complicated slideways and adjustments. For fool-proof adaptation, each stainless steel change part has laser cut identification so they can be recognised at a glance.

our dairy shrink wrapping machines can wrap





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We have a great deal of experience and expertise in dairy and bottling shrink wrapping machines gleaned over our 45 years in business. As a result, we understand the must-haves of beverage automation and we know implicitly the demands the environment places on production. We can meet your needs with our portfolio of high-speed machines and even offer bespoke designed infeed systems to suit your specific pack type and collations. And if you need us to integrate a shrink wrapper with up or downstream equipment like fillers or capping machines, we can make this happen. And precisely because we understand the specialist demands of this sector, we will always endeavour to deliver results that exceed your expectations - take it from Peter Timotheu at Tims Dairy:

To have a new machine in my dairy up and running in 24 hours was impressive.

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