BZ Cross Linked High Impact Polyolefin Shrink Film

BZ Cross Linked High Impact Polyolefin Shrink Film

Exceptional tensile strength and puncture resistance - now with recycled content!

BZ polyolefin shrink film offers exceptional strength and puncture resistance, a broad operating window and a strong seal even in a variety of conditions. It provides easy sealing and shrinkage on a wide range of heat shrink sleeving equipment although we recommend that this film is run primarily on our L-sealers and high speed side sealers for best results and to provide a tough, high clarity display pack.

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tech specs

fully recyclable

To LDPE level 4. BZ is also a BO-PE mono-material, meaning that it's a simplified polymer that enables easy recycling.


Exceptional strength and puncture resistance.

Strong seals

From a wide variety of processing conditions.

food contact approved

With total traceability and BRC accreditation.

High shrinkage

Even at low temperatures, for increased energy efficiency and product preservation.

Wide operating window

For compatibility with a wide range of machinery.


adaptable, dependable

The versatility of our BZ shrink film gives you access to the broadest spectrum of products and applications. Excellent optics combined with a high degree of shrink force makes this an excellent high profile/display film, offering a unique combination of high shrinkage even when operating at low shrink temperatures. This makes it an ideal shrink film for wrapping products that need to pass through the shrink tunnel quickly, such as heat-sensitive food products liable to spoil, as well as highly pressurised products like aerosols.

Our BZ film is specifically designed to be extra tough and provide puncture resistance as well as giving protection and product integrity to packages that have sharp edges or irregular shapes. The high degree of memory prevents distortion and provides a secure package with good appearance. This is absolutely critical when the product is to be displayed in a retail environment.

our bz cross linked shrink film can wrap

irregular shapes

sharp items


DIY products

heat-sensitive foods

retail packs

recycled content

Presenting 'BZN_RCB'

Our BZ film can now be supplied with a plastic tax-avoiding 30% post-consumer waste recycled content. We can certify the use of recycled content materials in the blend and ensure full traceability throughout the entire regranulation process. You can be confident in the quality standards of plastic products through the recycling stream with YPS. We can confirm that our BZ specification boasting recycled polymers enjoys exactly the same properties and features as our standard virgin BZ.



Our extensive warehouse enables us to store full food-contact approved polyolefin shrink films for fast delivery across the UK, alongside a convenient call-off order system which is ideal for companies supplying seasonal goods. Each and every roll of film comes with BRC approval from manufacture right through to distribution as well as full traceability. We're happy to supply complimentary samples of any specification of wrap and we can conduct extensive trials with your products on our equipment to demonstrate the YPS difference. Utilise our OPRL approved labelling permissions to market the recyclability of your packaging.

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