BTT Ultra-Thin Technology Polyolefin Shrink Film

BTT Ultra-Thin Technology Polyolefin Shrink Film

Performance that rivals our most popular films but at ultra-low microns - now with recycled content!

Our Bolphane® BTT polyolefin shrink film range mirrors the properties of our popular standard films but in an ultra-thin format. BTT shrink films offer high shrink performances, unmatched optics and outstanding machinability. BTT shrink film is Bollore’s latest development in thin-film technology and offers the same level of performance as our current 13-15 micron films. Customers can enjoy extra metres, strength and optics improving finish, which cuts production costs and saves on time. Furthermore, because the volumes of plastic are reduced despite delivering the same yield, this collection of plastic flexibles offer enhanced environmental benefits.

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tech specs

fully recyclable

To LDPE level 4. BTT is also a BO-PE mono-material, meaning that it's a simplified polymer that enables easy recycling. Also available with a minimum of 30% recycled content.

Machine compatibility

Designed to deliver the best results with high-speed equipment.

Instant sealing

With hot slip properties.

Outstanding clarity

With superior shrink ratio.

Environmental Benefits

The lowest micron films on the market for reduced film consumption.

Long roll lengths

With more metres on each roll for increased yield and less downtime between changeovers. BTT offers 4000m lengths on single-wound reels and 2300m on centre-folded films.


BTTXF 13 cross linked shrink film (performs like BRX)

BTTXF is a multi-layer, cross-linked, polyolefin soft shrink film. It is soft enough to wrap products that easily distort, but also extra strong to package irregular shaped items. It maintains its appeal for both transit and shelf appeal. Applications include printed and converted paper products.

  • Low shrink force to avoid the distortion of flexible products.

  • High percentage of free shrink at low temperature to conform to odd-shaped items.

  • Superior elongation and tear strength.

  • Broad operating window allowing use on a wide range of equipment.

  • Hot slip properties.


BTT+125 shrink film (performs like BY)

The BTT 12 micron shrink film has been created for use in situations where high-speed shrink wrapping equipment is running. It is designed to perform on standard as well as oddly shaped items of all types from multimedia applications to office supplies. It is considered a match to our successful 13 and 15 micron BY film.

  • Enhanced stiffness for high-speed machine compatibility.

  • Instant sealing.

  • High shrink characteristics at low temperature.

  • Hot slip properties.

  • Excellent optics and appearance.


BTTX 11 micron cross linked shrink film (performs like BZ)

The BTTX 11 micron shrink film is manufactured throughout a proprietary cross-linked process and formulated with high tech resins, providing the latest in extra strong, thin gauge technology. Its superior impact strength, broad operating window and high seal strength ensure it can match the performance of other 15 micron films, while proving to be a cost-effective option through its extra roll length.

  • Superior impact strength.

  • Same mechanical properties as a conventional 15 µm polyolefin film.

  • Broad operating window allowing use on a wide range of equipment.

  • Improved output and shrinkage due to pre-perforation, standard on the centrefolded version with 4000m rolls as standard.

  • High seal strength.

  • Excellent cohesion strength


BTT +9 shrink film (performs like BE)

Like the BTT+125, BTT+90 is designed to be used in situations where high-speed equipment is running. Its hot slip properties, excellent optics and outstanding shrinkage coupled with pre-perforation remove the need for perforation units. It is an appropriate option for wrapping multimedia or publishing items such as gift wrapping.

  • High-speed machine compatibility.

  • Outstanding shrinkage and fast sealing at low temperature.

  • Hot slip properties.

  • Excellent optics.

  • Improved output and shrinkage due to pre-perforation (standard on the centrefolded version).

  • Industry-leading 4600m rolls as standard.

reduce reuse recycle

30%+ recycled content

All specifications of our ultra-thin technology BTT polyolefin can be supplied with a plastic tax-avoiding 30% post-consumer waste recycled content. We can certify the use of recycled content materials in the blend and ensure full traceability throughout the entire regranulation process. You can be confident in the quality standards of plastic products through the recycling stream with YPS. We can confirm that our BTT specification boasting recycled polymers suffers no penalties to performance and appearance compared to our standard presentation shrink films.

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Our extensive film warehouse enables us to store plentiful stocks of our polyolefin materials for fast delivery across the UK, alongside a convenient call-off order system. Each and every roll of film comes with BRC approval from manufacture right through to distribution as well as full traceability. We're happy to supply complimentary samples of any specification of wrap and we can conduct extensive trials with your products on our equipment to demonstrate the YPS difference. Plus, you can utilise our OPRL approved labelling permissions to clearly market the recyclability of your packaging to your customers.

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