LIDTEC Breathable Lidding Film

LIDTEC Breathable Lidding Film

Ideal for frozen or fresh trayed foods.

Bollore’s best-in-class breathable LIDTEC® is a top-sealing solution dedicated for frozen or fresh trayed foods in retail applications. Available in two low micron specifications, 21mu and 15mu, LIDTEC® achieves a ‘barely-there’ effect to showcase food items at their very best. Fully food-contact approved with BRC certification.

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tech specs

Ideal for fresh food

A breathable film offering high oxygen permeability for foods with a shorter shelf life and frozen foods.


To prevent liquid leakage, product discolouration and contamination.

Printing capacity

For branding purposes.

Anti-fog properties

For utmost clarity and shelf presentation.

Fully recyclable

To LPDE 04 and a 'greener' alternative to PVC stretch films.


Can be printed to improve branding or display information.


an aerated aesthetic

LIDTEC®’s superior gloss and transparency combine with its anti-fog formulation to ensure outstanding optics for any trayed food product, whilst its permeable properties allow the products to breathe. The high percentage of free shrink allows the film to fit trays tightly without wrinkles and without causing distortion to the tray format, for an even better visual aesthetic. To seal the sale, high definition printing can be applied to LIDTEC® to incorporate logos, nutritional information and barcoding, negating the need for secondary labels.

Breathable LIDTEC® is especially suited to shallow trays containing protruding food products due to its elasticity. This can make the portion sizes appear more plentiful, as well as contribute to a stable positioning of the item in the tray, preventing movement within the pack. This also means that trays can be stacked one behind the other on shelves to save space in stores whilst maintaining pack presentation.


Drum tight

Flush hermetic seals are produced with LIDTEC® on a variety of tray materials, preventing leakage and protecting the enclosed food from contamination. This feature also avoids any product discolouration occurring.

Full BRC accreditation is guaranteed from the manufacture of LIDTEC® through to storage and distribution. Plus. Bollore lidding films are fully compliant with EU food contact material regulations to guarantee your full peace of mind.

our breathable lidding film can top seal

fresh produce


frozen foods


leading the pack

Our extensive warehouse enables us to store full food-contact approved lidding films for fast delivery across the UK, alongside a convenient call-off order system. Each and every pallet comes with BRC approval from manufacture right through to distribution as well as full traceability. We're happy to supply complimentary samples of any specification of wrap and we can conduct extensive trials with your products on our equipment to demonstrate the YPS difference. Plus, you can utilise our OPRL approved labelling permissions to market the recyclability credentials of your packaging.

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