Flexo 700 E-COM Fit

Flexo 700 E-COM Fit

Upgraded intermittent form, fill and seal machine that forms tight shipping bags adapted to a product's exact dimensions.

Like the Flexo 700 E-Com, our E-Com 700 Fit is truly an innovation in e-commerce packaging. It's cutting-edge automation technology encompasses within one streamlined system a secure bagging process with an integrated print and apply label operation in order to provide faultless data management for your packed products. Its 700mm wide sealing jaw is unrivalled in the industry. Where the E-COM Fit has upgraded functionality is with regards to its bag width adaptability, allowing the unit to create tight bags that are tailored exactly to the dimensions of the product being processed.

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Labelling solution

Innovative high speed E-Commerce Print & Apply Labelling solution that guarantees 100% GDPR compliance with approval checking system from Vulcan.

Custom-bag size

Variable bag width and length approach for an intelligent and intuitive catch-all production that responds to a product's exact shape and size. The unit has a passing height of 250mm and a passing width of 600mm as standard.

Simple touch screen

Touch screen controls with optional connection to ERP systems and remote diagnostic support.


Up to around 1,100 cycles per hour.


Compatible with all fully recyclable centre-folded films (LDPE 04) up to 100mu thicknesses as well as biofilms and recycled content films up to 70%.

service contract

Included as standard.

Key Features


upgraded for precision

The upgraded element of the E-COM FIT model relates to its intelligent detect and trim feature. Where the regular Flexo 700 E-COM relies on a set bag width being input prior to production and only works with products conforming to that size, the Flexo 700 E-COM Fit tailors the bag size according to each individual product. An integrated product recognition sensor understands the width of the pack and conforms the trimming response perfectly to match. This allows your production to handle a range of products of varying dimensions. Because the machine intelligently adapts to the dimensions of each product, only as much material is used as is necessary for each individual pack. This results in significant material savings and prevents empty voids within the pack, meaning your overall volume of material usage will be considerably reduced.

The Flexo E-COM FIT can bag


Mail Orders

Printed materials


Toys & Games


compatible materials

bagging materials

To complement our e-commerce designated automatic bagging lines, we are also able to supply high quality polyolefin shrink plastic, polythene shrink film, bio-based plastic and paper-based materials depending upon your application type.

Our aim at YPS is to reduce the impact our products have on our environment in line with our plastic pledge. To achieve this, not only do we supply films that contain recycled content (up to 70%) which reduces the levels of raw materials used in their production, but all of our plastic films are fully recyclable to LDPE 04 and have OPRL approval. Furthermore, YPS are able to offer downgauged films that incur no penalty in terms of strength or functionality. This significantly reduces the volumes of plastic used and also the costs per roll, representing a much faster payback on your e-commerce investment as a whole.

For online retailers, we can also supply recyclable paper packaging materials, both in coated and uncoated variations.

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Flexibility at your fingertips & GDPR compliance guaranteed

The E-range represents a sound investment for your e-commerce production because the machines eradicate the manual handling aspects of packing and labelling, negating the room for human error. Furthermore, these models have the potential to replace up to 8 operators per line, significantly reducing labour costs.

Our Flexo 700 E-COM Fit insists on absolute precision. Working with only one individual piece of data at any time, the machine operates by feeding products one at a time into the shrink wrapper which has the print and apply system mounted inside. The product’s barcode is read, the corresponding address record is retrieved and one dedicated label is printed. The product is then bagged and the printed label applied before the data is destroyed. The machine waits for the next product before beginning again. This one-in-one-out process eliminates errors, ensures total reliability, total security and 100% compliance with GDPR data regulations. In many similar models on the market, the label and apply software holds a whole batch of data and dispenses address labels one by one onto wrapped packages. One removed, swapped or missing parcel on the conveyor would cause a stream of incorrectly labelled parcels to follow and a potential data breach to occur.

This machine represents a short payback on your capital investment and provides a robust, dependable and consistent wrapping process for your online retail products.

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back up and support

We’re proud to say that over half of our business each year comes from returning customers who have been delighted with both the machine they received and the first-class support offered. We are also unique within the industry for providing a comprehensive service contract free of charge with every machine supplied, over and above the parts and labour warranty.

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