Servo X E-COM Fit

Servo X E-COM Fit

A high-speed continuous form, fill and seal machine to form bags adapted to a product's length and width.

Whether your operation involves the dispatch of individual goods, the packing of groups of products or even the handling of returned goods repacking, our servo-driven bagging machinery is a great choice. Automatically adapting the bag size to meet each product's exact dimensions, the e-com machine delivers tight-fitting bags to prevent voids and minimise film consumption. It also offers attractive packing with the option to run not only printed films but create bags with differing top and bottom colours or prints. Custom optional extras are available with this system such as easy-opening perforations and resealing strips.

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tech specs

integrated scanner

With a controller for product detection and shipping label creation which is continuously dispensed onto the film without the need for an applicator.

Adapts to exact product dimensions

As standard, the system matches the bag size to the exact product length and width for a tight bag and no material waste.

two film rolls

An opportunity for enhanced branding with the ability to create two-tone bags.


Achieves up to 1,800 cycles per hour.

Value adding features

Optional easy-opening bag perforation and optional insertion of double-side adhesive tape for bag resealing.

service contract

Included as standard.

Key Features


precision labelling

Once the data instruction is received from the barcode scanner and the corresponding product is bagged, the internally mounted labeller creates a shipping label that is continuously dispensed directly onto the surface of the bag without an applicator. This slick process equates to major gains in speed, efficiency and output as well as the accuracy and security of data to ensure the correct parcel reaches the correct destination every time.

The Servo X E-COM Fit can BAG


Printed materials

Mail Orders




innovative features

one size fits all

Whatever the dimensions of your products, the Servo X E-com Fit will adapt, time after time. Ensuring a closely fitting bag with optimised conformance to a product's exact length and width profile minimises the consumption of packaging materials whilst also preventing voids and enhancing the appearance of all packages. The machine can process a wide variety of plastic film types and thicknesses (including films with recycled content) for the most flexible operation.

Plus, if you're looking to vary the finish of your bags with an eye-catching design or branding, this unit will accommodate your needs. Team up two film rolls of varied colours for a two-tone effect or utilise a custom design with a printed film.

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simple set-up

The Servo X E-Com Fit boasts an automatic splice feature which accommodates easy film threading at eye level. Plus, all settings, parameters and cycles can be stored and retrieved at your fingertips via the touchscreen control panel and all working parts, including the mounted labeller, are well guarded yet easily accessed and maintained.

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Our priority is ensuring that you have total peace of mind and confidence in your equipment. That’s why YPS are proud to provide a service contract free of charge with every machine, which is unique in our industry. Service contracts provide regular preventative maintenance from our team of expert in-house engineers, keeping your machinery operating at peak performance and guaranteeing its longevity. As such, YPS have been recognised with PPMA industry awards for exceptional after-sales service and support – why not put us to the test?

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