Fully Automatic Turntable

Fully Automatic Turntable

High performance pallet wrapping with safety guaranteed.

Utilising a rotating platform, the turntable unit allows for a steady and compact wrapping of any type of palletised load using stretch film. Prioritising the safety of operators throughout, our turntable model from TOSA incorporates a film carriage safety stop as standard as well as an anti-fall system for any suspended elements which allows your operators to navigate around the machine without risk. The machine also features a ground-level motor positioning, which avoids the need for cumbersome and potentially dangerous overhead inspection. Achieving top speeds of up to 40 wrapped pallets per hour, the fully automatic turntable wrapper benefits from a soft-start and soft-stop operation for pallet security as well as user safety.

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tech specs

Up to 16 rotations per minute

Achieves speeds of 40 pallets per hour.

accepts any pallet width

Including Euro and CHEPS.

Wrapping cycles

Dust-proof & water-proof wrapping cycles come as standard.

Smart wrapping tech

Tension, film distribution and wrapping recipe cycles are automatically adjusted as required during the wrapping process.

Enhanced safety

Film carriage safety stop, anti-fall system for suspended elements and ground-level motor positioning to avoid overhead inspections.

service contract

Included as standard.

Key Features


Low Maintenance, High performance Design

TOSA's turntable unit has been designed and built with the philosophy of low maintenance yet high performance wrapping, with the goal throughout being time optimised, safe production. A range of inbuilt features contribute to their low maintenance operation:

  • Sliding devices with direct motorisation

  • Lubrication-free toothed belts

  • Lifting group, pre-lubricated for life

  • Cable channel and identification of components and cables

  • Centralised lubrication points

TOSA equipment has been shown to slash the time spent carrying out typical servicing procedures by 75% compared to lesser equipment on the market.

a selection of wrapping cycles

Our fully automatic pallet wrapping machines offer many wrapping cycles across the range. These include:

Standard: This cycle wraps just the four outward-facing sides of the pallet with stretch film. 

Dust-proof: Using an integrated or separate top sheet dispenser, the stretch wrapper places a polyethylene film sheet on top of the pallet and then wraps it with stretch film. This ensures the palletised load is completely covered and therefore protected from dust and dirt. Ideal for applications where pallets may remain in storage for some time before being unloaded. 

Water-proof: Uses an integrated top-sheet dispenser. The pallet is wrapped with a first layer of film, then a polyethylene film sheet is placed on the top of this pallet and finally, the pallet is wrapped with a second stretch film layer. This completely protects the pallets from not only dust and dirt but also the ingress of humidity and rain, leaving them safe to be stored in an outside environment. 

our turntable machines can wrap pallets of

Windows & Doors


Insulation panels

trayed items

Sanitary units

mixed pallets


Back up and support from YPS

Our entire range of stretch pallet wrappers are supported by our award winning back up and support, including 3 years turntable warranty, 3 years parts warranty and 2 years labour warranty as standard. We also offer a service contract as standard with every machine supplied which is unique in our industry.

service contracts
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