Hand Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film

The solution for manual pallet wrapping applications - now with recycled content!

YPS can supply a selection of BRC-approved, 100% recyclable, high-quality hand stretch films designed for use with or without dispensers.

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tech specs

fully recyclable & recycled content

All hand stretch films are 100% recyclable to LDPE level 4 and hand stretch over 16mu can be supplied with plastic tax-exempt 30% recycled content.


Available in widths between 430mm and mini 85mm rolls.

Easy application

Compatible with dispensers for easier application.


Available with flush and extended cores or without cores at all.


Choose from clear, coloured or printed films.


Cast or blown film variations are available.


manual applications all wrapped up

Whatever your pallets’ dimensions and cargo or your operative’s preferences, we have the hand stretch film to suit. Our solutions include rolls with flush cores and without cores for use with mechanical dispensers and rolls with extended cardboard cores for easier grip during unwind and application. A range of thicknesses are available, from heavy-duty 30mu films to protect the most fragile of shipments or as low as 5mu for those looking to minimise film consumption without losing strength. An array of colours can be supplied including clear, opaque black for security, blue-tinted to indicate food contents or even printed for branding purposes. Large 430mm width rolls through to mini 85mm size rolls are possible for easy coverage whatever your pallet size.

Our entire hand pallet wrap range possesses low unwind noise, increased tear strength via reinforced edges and excellent load-holding properties. Every roll benefits from impressive cling on the inner face for high tack and wrap integrity, with a non-cling layer on the outer to prevent adhesion between wrapped pallets.

perfect application tips

Our Hand stretch film can wrap pallets of

Boxed Products

products in sacks

trayed products

mixed pallets

food & beverage

chemical drums

fast service

nationwide deliveries

Our West Yorkshire location means that we are able to offer fast delivery of packaging materials across the UK and Ireland. Our large dedicated warehouse is stocked high with polythene and polyolefin, polybags and stretch films ready to despatch to your facility at your convenience.

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If you’re looking for a new and improved material packaging solution, arrange a trial with one of our film experts. See your products wrapped in our materials either at our showroom in Yorkshire or on-site at your facility. Our friendly team will be on hand to discuss any aspects of your project and answer any questions.

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