Robot Wrappers

Robot Wrappers

A small but powerful warehouse staple.

The S7 is our self-propelled robot from Robopac, designed to offer a busy factory or warehouse the ultimate flexibility and ease of use compared to static machines. These compact and portable pallet wrappers are incredibly easy for your operators to move around in a dynamic workstation and have a raft of inbuilt safety features to protect your team. Using a robot to bring the wrapper to the pallet negates the need for a fork truck in your despatch area.

The Robopac robot uses an intelligent extended sensory wheel to detect the edges of your pallet and to direct the motion of the robot exactly around its perimeter. This means you can wrap any shape or size of pallet, whether irregular or standard format and even cylindrical products. A range of film carriages are available to tailor the S7's abilities to your exact requirements.

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tech specs

Robot systems

Designed to move around your warehouse as required with minimal interaction.

accepts any pallet size

Conforms to any pallet dimension, size and weight for a flexible solution.

Innovative film insertion system

Easy threading of film with clear guided diagrams. The film insertion mechanism facilitates fast changeover of film reels for reduced downtime.

User-friendly control panel

Intuitive 7” touch screen system for absolute control with ease.

Value-added features

A number of optional features are available including a film roping device and an automatic film cutting device.

service contract

Included as standard.

Key Features

Safety in mind

As the robot wrapper is a dynamic machine, a suite of safety features have been incorporated to reduce any risk of injury to your workforce. A cushioned front bumper at ankle height triggers an emergency stop if contact is detected. A top mounted signal light alerts your team when the robot is in operation and a movement rudder allows for low impact transportation.


A range of film carriages

Whatever your exact requirements, our S7 range has a wide choice of film carriages available, so you can build the right robot for you and your warehouse.

Robot FRD is our entry-level film carriage model which utilises a standard core break system for use with the lower stretch capacity films, with thicknesses from 6.3mu up to 35mu. It has a break engagement release device, allowing the film to be hooked to the base of the pallet. The FRD model boasts 3 centrally controlled programs and 10 adjustable parameters.

Robot FR has a film carriage with electro-magnetic powder break on the return roller. This feature is operated via the control panel, offering a user-friendly way of increasing or decreasing tension.

Robot P3GS boasts performance as good as the industry-leading Robopac turntable machine, using motorised power pre-stretch technology to get the most from your films. Usually combined with our medium thickness stretch films, you can achieve up to a 300% film stretch capacity. The P3GS has 3 fixed stretch ratio programs and 10 adjustable parameters, all controlled from a central digital HMI screen.

Robot PVS completes our range, offering the very highest performance levels. The power pre-stretch film carriage, controlled by two independent motors, has the capability to run pallet wrapping films between 6.3mu and 35mu up to 500% stretch, which is fully adjustable from the digital HMI screen. Its key USP is its ability to have 12 pre-set programs and 10 adjustable parameters. The film stretch is set from within in the control panel and can be altered down to the smallest of margins to get the most from your machine.

our robot stretch wrappers can wrap pallets of

Windows & Doors

Insulation panels


building products

Automotive products

food & beverage


Our semi-automatic models can be supplied with R-Connect technology, offering a number of invaluable capabilities. Using this industry 4.0 software, you can monitor your machine's entire performance right from the cloud. This advanced system supplies rich data about your wrapper’s productivity, including the number of pallets wrapped, stoppages, pallets achieved per roll of film and general machine operations. At any time you can access this detailed information at your fingertips. R-Connect also suggests any potential improvements to achieve enhanced performance. Using the detailed analysis available, YPS can look to lower your stretch film micron, heighten stretch capacity or reduce the number wraps; all of which also reduces long-term running costs. Fiinally, R-Connect integration delivers remote assistance from our engineers. This means that we can provide improved maintenance, support and troubleshooting. truly significant when you consider that 90% of issues can often be fixed remotely - preventing unnecessary downtime in your production schedule.

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