Semi-Automatic Standard Turntable

Semi-Automatic Standard Turntable

For fuss-free pallet wrapping.

Our standard Robopac semi-automatic model makes pallet wrapping a breeze for any load up to 2200mm high (although 2400mm, 2800mm and 3100mm wrap heights are also available). Your chosen stretch film is easily put into place with the drop-on film loading system that requires no tools. Then simply deliver your pallet to its turntable base using either a forklift truck or pump truck, secure the stretch film in place, select your pre-set wrapping programme, activate the machine at the touch of a button and relax. A number of forklift locations are situated around the wrapper for easy and safe movement of the machine if required. This model is also available in a low profile specification, with a stainless steel body and film carriages are available with varying degrees of stretch.

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tech specs

accepts any pallet width

Including Euro and CHEPS.

Six pre-programmable cycles

Intuitive touch screen system for absolute control with ease.

Variable speeds

Between 5-12 rotations per minute.

Stretch capacity

Up to 250% stretch.

Load dimensions

Up to 3100mm wrap heights can be accomodated.

Turntable capacity

Up to 2000kg.

Key Features

our turntable stretch wrappers can wrap pallets of

Windows & Doors

printed materials

Insulation panels

Sanitary units

food & beverage



Choice of Film carriage

This stretch wrapping machine comes with a choice of film carriage device.

The FRD carriage features a mechanical brake manually adjustable to set the film tensioning. Brake engagement- release device to facilitate hooking the film to the base of the pallet. Alternatively. the PGS carriage delivery device is equipped with a powered fixed gear (250%) pre-stretch system. A wide range of additional gear sets can also be purchased (150%-200-300%).

Both incorporate a quick loading system for easy film threading, 250% stretch and variable ‘lay on force’. Users are able to set the following adjustable parameters into each programme:

  • Bottom wraps

  • Top wraps

  • Rotation speed

  • Carriage speed variable up and down

  • Full wrapping cycle (up and down)

  • Single wrapping cycle (up only)

  • Single wrapping cycle (down only)

  • Manual option available

  • Top sheet cycle

There is also a film banding facility, to allow extra wrap at any point on the pallet that needs strengthening.

Smart wrapping


Our semi-automatic models can be supplied with R-Connect technology, offering a number of invaluable capabilities. Using this industry 4.0 software, you can monitor your machine's entire performance right from the cloud. This advanced system supplies rich data about your wrapper’s productivity, including the number of pallets wrapped, stoppages, pallets achieved per roll of film and general machine operations. At any time you can access this detailed information at your fingertips. R-Connect also suggests any potential improvements to achieve enhanced performance. Using the detailed analysis available, YPS can look to lower your stretch film micron, heighten stretch capacity or reduce the number wraps; all of which also reduces long-term running costs. Fiinally, R-Connect integration delivers remote assistance from our engineers. This means that we can provide improved maintenance, support and troubleshooting. truly significant when you consider that 90% of issues can often be fixed remotely - preventing unnecessary downtime in your production schedule.

Precision guaranteed

The standard pallet wrapper boasts some impressive features to ensure precision. For example, our indexed turntable will stop in exactly the same position after every wrap to ensure ease of disembarkation when you pull up to the plate with your forklift. Advanced photocell sensors automatically detect your pallet height accurately to less than 1mm and the soft-start feature ensures that less stable pallet loads keep their shape as rotation begins.


Back up and support

YPS are the proud winners of the PPMA customer service award which recognised our investment in and commitment to technology for improved backup and support.

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