Semi-Automatic High Stretch Turntable

Semi-Automatic High Stretch Turntable

Delivers outstanding stretch capacity.

The high stretch variations of our turntable stretch wrappers are the most advanced in our semi-automatic catalogue. They deliver up to 400% pre-stretch capacity which is the highest available on any semi-automatic machine available in the UK. This incredible stretch ratio helps to reduce film usage significantly, making these machines the most efficient in today’s market, with a focus on high yield films and low pallet costs. This model is also available in a low profile specification and with a choice of film carriages.

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A mast height up to 3.1 metres with a turntable diameter up to 1.65 metres. The maximum turntable load capacity is 2000kg.

Up to 12 ring rotations per minute

Equating to a production capacity of up to 80 pallets per hour. The soft-start feature maintains pallet stability even at high speeds.

Wrapping cycles

Six pre-programmable inbuilt wrapping cycles, including dust-proof and water-proof cycles.

Choice of film carriage

Available with a mechanical brake film carriage achieving 250% stretch or a power pre-stretch film carriage with stretch ratio capacity between 150% - 400%.

low profile specification available

For a space-saving alternative.

Service contract

Included as standard.

Key Features

our high stretch turntable wrappers can wrap pallets of

boxed products

Windows & Doors

printed materials

mixed pallets

Insulation panels



Advanced functionality

The high stretch specifications offer additional functionality compared to their standard counterparts, including:

  • Strategic film placement, which allows you to place the film exactly where it has the most impact on load stability and containment.

  • Multi-level variable containment force, which delivers optimal containment force at each level.

  • Multi-level variable pre-stretch, ensuring the best film economy for every load.

  • Proactive corner compensation feature, which combines the latest in motor and load cell technology to give you the ability to wrap any load securely without crushing the corners of the load.

Enhanced control and security

A unique feature of the high stretch models are their ‘parental control option’, a simple code that is entered into the touch panel to guard against unwanted changes to the stretch wrapper’s settings. A pallet height recognition sensor accurately detects the dimensions of the loaded pallet, ensuring only the right amount of film is dispensed to cover the pallet, avoiding waste and maximising the yield of each film reel. Furthermore, the inbuilt soft-start system exerts maximum control over the load by beginning the turntable rotations slowly – perfect for less stable pallets.

Available with R-Connect integration

R-Connect offers its users a host of invaluable features including:

Monitoring your machine performance: An advanced monitoring system that gives rich data about your wrapper’s performance, including the number of pallets wrapped, stoppages, pallets achieved per roll of film and general machine operations. At any time you can access detailed information at your fingertips.

Improvements to performance: Using the detailed analysis available, YPS can look to improve the performance of your wrapper, perhaps by lowering stretch film micron, heightening stretch capacity or reducing wraps; all of which optimises performance and reduces your long term costs.

Remote assistance from YPS engineers: Mobile access to your machine means that we can provide improved maintenance, support and troubleshooting on the fly. This is significant considering that we find 90% of issues can be fixed remotely, ensuring you're back up and running at full capacity in no time.


show-stopping support

We believe that after-sales support is as important as the machinery itself. That's why we are proud to be unique within the industry for providing a service contract free of charge with every pallet wrapper, ensuring your complete peace of mind and the long-term success of your wrapping operation.

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